Nkwo Friday 29 January 2021:

Impolitics is neither a word nor a noun, yet it must serve us in both capacities here. Premier M. I. Okpara taught us two bad habits, namely: 1) To bark up a tree at Ndi Awusa and 2) To build a bridge across the Niger to Ndi Yoruba.

It is now over half a century since Okpara taught us to verbally antagonize Ndi Awusa and to unconditionally embrace Ndi Yoruba. And we have been faithful to his two policies without any benefit whatsoever; rather we have been recording losses after losses, and both political policies have also been decimating us.

Our own is to bark at Ndi Awusa, and Ndi Awusa’s own is to massacre and flog us like their nama. What a shame!

As for the Yorubas, all they have to do is to blame us for Zik’s alliances with the north, and tarnish Zik’s stainless image, for us to agree with them either way, and for us to grovel to them in repentance.

Never mind that their father, Awolowo, answered ‘Yes, sir!’ to his son Segun’s age mate (Gowon) just for a golden opportunity to completely destroy Igbo.

In the name of building a political bridge across the Niger, Premier Okpara squandered a chunk of Eastern Region’s budget to mobilize Action Group to resist the Hausa-Fulani takeover of Western Region. He also broke federal laws to cater to Yoruba federal offenders such as Obafemi Awolowo and Professor Wole Soyinka.

After Okpara fell from power, his political successor, Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu, continued from where he stopped. Ojukwu released Obafemi Awolowo from Calabar prison and canonized him as the patron-saint of our new Republic of Biafra.

Governor Ojukwu also released Colonel Victor Banjo the coupist from prison, and as Banjo’s Igbo counterparts (such as Colonel Njoku and Majors Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna, and Madiebo) scraped for accommodations and to pay their bills, etc., Ojukwu lodged Banjo for months in our five-star Hotel Presidential, Enugu, under unconditional Biafran expenses, etc.

In the end, when Ndi Awusa declared war against us, what did we gain from Okpara’s public relations and bridge building effort to Ndi Yoruba?

We gained absolutely nothing! The Yorubas were even the ones motivating Ndi Awusa to wipe us out. They enlisted in the army in record numbers to massacre us. And they saw the war as their boon and made the most of it in completely irresponsible and shameless week-long, streets-long partying (convivialities) in the Lagos and Ibadan capital territories.

We must renounce Dr. M. I. Okpara’s politics of antagonism against the north and one-sided bridge-building to the west immediately, if we want to get out of the mess we have found ourselves.

And, if we cannot all agree to renounce that because a section (particularly, Ndi Imo-Abia) of us insists on it, then Enugu, Anioma, Anambra, and Abakiliki Igbo should go ahead and revert to Zik’s Machiavellian politics of rapprochement.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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