The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #160
Afo Mon. 11 Oct. 2021:
The only way to stop Nigerian ethnic jigolos and jingoists, such as Attorney General Abubakar Malami and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, from continuing to insult and smear Igbo to the benefit of their Fulani-Yoruba axis of evil is to galvanize Igbo ethnic leadership to complement theirs.
The combination of Fulani and Yoruba leaderships is responsible for the marginalization of the Igbo ethnicity as a precondition to looting Nigeria.
Unfortunately, rather than Igbo elite galvanizing its own ethnic and regional majority to go toe-to-toe with its Fulani and Yoruba ethnic and regional rivals, it valuates their rapport over its own self-preservation!
The trending agitation for Biafra that now stagnates the eastern region and disorients its youths, middle class, and peasants is nothing but a humiliating ethnic cop out that can only pauperize Ndi Igbo to the glee of their back-to-Biafra masterminds, and to the glee of other Nigerian regions. This trending second Biafra is also an ill wind that can only yield legendary Biafra harvest of carnage, starvation, and pulverization.
By the time this trending indignity culminates, even those sponsoring it from the diaspora shall not be safe. For, after pacifying Igboland, Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba police and armed forces shall then begin to kneel on Igbo necks, and begin to gun Ndi Igbo down like game, in Nigeria. Our situation (being already like that of the African Americans in America) will then become way worse than imaginable.
Now, with all that said, what kind of hellish hope has a country when the first reaction of its law minister against any spate of violence depends on us-versus-them insanity?
The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Nigeria Mr. Abubakar Malami is poking the president of his country to swiftly take advantage of a two-week mayhem in Anambra State to declare a state of emergency and martial law in that state!
Because in his warped and stupid mind, the spike in violence is enough justification to throttle and truncate a state and a region that are resisting his people’s Islamo-fascist pacification.
The attorney general’s Islamist Hausa-Fulani people have been wiping out southern Kaduna and the middlebelt parts of the country since he took office, and not a word to those from him.
Mr. Abubakar Malami is President Muhammadu Buhari’s most unprofessional cabinet representative. Why he still is the minister of justice beats all commonsense. To kick him to the curb and replace him with a real lawyer whom the citizens of this country could trust is the least President Buhari can do immediately.

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