Oye Sun 27 Mar. 2022:
The brand-new Governor of Anambra State Professor Charles Soludo has ordered Anambra workers back to work every Monday or pay stiff penalties.
The Igbo Revolution commends the Governor for this initiative, and urges Ndi Anambra to comply with their Governor for their own good.
At some point the ethnic stupidity called sit-at-home, or Either Referendum or Restructuring has to end. A Chinese proverb says, Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. How many times would charlatans and thieves fool Igbo (or fuck Igbo over) for Igbo to have commonsense?
This completely-snubbed and disgraceful agitation for either Referendum or Restructuring, which started 23 years ago without any benefits whatsoever till date, and with so much collateral damage (such as tens of thousands of only Igbo deaths and incarcerations, and at least 20 billion naira Igbo weekly loss, must stop.
It is insanity. No people carried on thus and survived. And, American Igbo largely sponsoring this insanity must hide their shame in the palm of their hands. For they have learned absolutely nothing in that so-called God’s own country, from where the Geat Zik of Africa imported the first ever black Industrial Revolution to nowhere else in Africa but his own Igboland.
Three years from now will make it a 100 years since Zik blazed the trail to America to change the black race universally. And yet, his fellow Igbo who have followed learn differently in America.
They learn what America does not teach. They learn how not to protect their land jealously. They learn how to cheapen Igbo lives for the slaughter. They learn how to cater to dictatorship. They learn how to starve their population. They learn to hate conversation and introspection. And they learn to insult Zik who lit their light.
Ndi Anambra must distance themselves from the terror other Igbo States are promoting across Igboland. Anambra must align itself with progressive Delta Igbo and denounce Abia and Imo Igbo with their fraudulent Biafra brinkmanship and abject anarchy.
Anambra, listen to your Governor and go back to work before criminals and anarchists destroy your mainstay of Onitsha and Nnewi Markets, plus your brand-new airport!
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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