Nkwo Thu. 28 Oct. 2021:
Anambrarians shine your eyes,most urchins shouting No election are not from your state,they want to drag your state down,Igbo must resist fall of Anambra backbone of Igbo economy.
Whenever Anambra election approaches you would hear never do Wells and educated destructive moles shouting No election. Don’t accuse me of causing internal strife,most people shouting. No election are from 4 states in SE not Anambra.
Enugu state has never met No election gang. Imo state has never met No election gang. Ebonyi has never met No election gang. Abia with it’s highest ineptitude in SE has never met No election gang. Anambra is a very delicate egg every Igbo should not toil with. Anambra houses unmatched industrialists, human resources,professionals in Africa. A state that contains the business activities of every village in Igboland must be protected.
There will be election. Election must hold. A new governor will emerge I repeat a new governor must emerge. Your data ,bile,arson and insurrectionist tendencies can’t stop it.
By Udala Joy Becky Eze

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