Nkwo Monday 01 Nov. 2021:
I called one guy at Enugu today to sound him out on his take about the successful conclusion of the PDP national convention early morning today. After we exhausted all the shenanigans, the permutations and combinations towards 2023, I asked him if he’d packed into his new flat in Enugu? He told me that his landlord is yet to complete the paintings. That he’d a misfortune of losing his father and again, he had to move his mother and siblings to South Africa where he resides due to the continuing bloody crises in Anambra. That these costs on him were delaying his completion of the paintings. I interjected: “so, people have started moving their families out of Anambra?” He responded that Anambra people has flooded Enugu in escape for their safety.
Rewind: Nsukka was among the first place to fall into Nigeria hands in the early stages of the Biafra war, followed by Enugu and Ojukwu and Biafra capital moved out of Enugu to a safer location. That was how Ojukwu and Biafra capital was roving, digging ground called Bunker everywhere for Ojukwu to hide. The surprising thing was that Biafrans were dying en masse whilst hoping against reason that Biafra is near actualization. Okoko Ndem was everywhere on air lying how Biafra has pursued Nigeria soldiers up to Lokoja and decimatwd them while himself like others were in the bush hiding with empty stomachs. At a time 10,000 were dying daily while the parrot was singing.
For the first time I watched full military operation in action in a market square in Anambra in an encounter of a combined team of operatives with unknown gunmen in a deadly shootout. At the wake of the encounter five unknown gunmen were laid waste.
Yesterday some unknown gunmen were killed. A day before yesterday, members suspected to be Biafra National Guard were said to have confronted a checkpoint manned by military personnel. A females soldier liquidated one of the gunmen, while the survivors took to their heals where another gunman on escape was arrested. Tomorrow is another Monday lockdown in spite of the verbal lifting of the lockdown by Ipob DOS. The Igbo anguish is not about to abateband no lesson seem to be learnt.
Back to Anambra: How can a food market be made a battle zone. To what end will these hostilities serve Ndi Igbo? It appears like 1967, the thunder will strike Igbo the same spot twice which is not a mark of great intelligence.
By John Ayogu

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