Eke Wednesday 03 February 2021:

I will not forget what happened at Oworonshoki, Lagos, in 1994 (27 years ago). I went to my usual nkwobi joint that was owned by a young Mbaise family.

As I was enjoying my usual in the open, as usual, I overheard those inside arguing politics and chorusing that Ndi Awusa amaghi ihe at all. According to the discussants, Ndi Awusa na eme ka aturu.

I was listening to them and gauging their voices and tones to see if I could join their discussion because they sounded educated.

I decided not to join their discussion and at some point looked inquiringly at another Igbo man, who was there with his bicycle to supply drinks to the shop. The drinks supplier was a bit older than me.

He looked taciturn and was minding his business. But when he saw how I looked over to him in a manner of ‘Are you hearing what I am hearing?’ He tidied up his delivery and just before he left, drew alongside me and whispered: “Ndi Awusa bu ewu, Igbo bu ahihia ewu na ata.”

With that as his parting shot, he clambered his bicycle and pedaled off to his livelihood.

Ndi Awusa aburo ewu. If they were goats, they would not be ruling us for over 60 years now.

If they were goats, they won’t be flogging us the way they don’t even flog their nama.

If they were goats, they won’t be shutting us off jobs, higher education, government, employments, and private businesses.

If they were goats, they could not have ganged up the rest of the country against us.

If they were goats, they would have been hated. But they are loved and we are hated, so who are the goats here?

Our women prostitute themselves to Awusa men, and our men are worshipful of Awusa women. Who are the goats here?

Igbo elite, step up to pursue reason, and to educate your streets. Igboland is bereft of reason and rhyme. It is turning fast into a gangland under your watch.

You are the only elite in this country that is averse to reason and cannot educate your own people. As a result of which our people now troop like cattle behind charlatans who lie in the name of God, and in the name of Biafra.

Igbo elite, our people now act and holler like fools, and you know it.

Step up now! For you and families shall not be spared this rain when it comes down again. The Afro-Caribbean says that rain doesn’t fall on one man’s house. This rain shall destroy Igbo artisan and learned (and their families) together.

But apart from all that, our own personal, family, and ethnic honors are at stake here, for God’s sake!

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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