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“Stop the Self-Imposed marginalization and empower the Igbo land.”]

1.😢first and foremost, Lagos is not a no man’s land..Lagos belongs to the Yoruba. In the event of any uprising the owners of Lagos will eliminate any group they consider a threat and Igbos are first on the list. You cannot continue to invest where you are not willing to defend with your blood.

2.😢the main reason why igbos are rushing to lagos is because of the ignorant belief of making more returns or profiting very fast which on its own is greed for quick money. Other tribes mock them for idolizing money more than anything.

3.😢igbos always claim their abandonment of their zone is because there is no seaport down eastern region including rivers and calabar. While this may be true, they are not the only ones affected. People living in kano and kaduna equally travel long distances to lagos to bring back there imported goods,but the difference is that they move it back to kaduna or Kano to invest in their land. Nothing stops the Igbo man/woman from doing same thing.

4.😢the Nigerian system is skewed to sabotage the igbos economically, but we must learn from the people of Nnewi, they have created an economic hub for themselves there by bringing back there goods down to their town. We can do this in other places in the east.

5..😢We can have our own Lagos in Anambra (Onitsha) and Abia (Aba). It starts by bringing back your investment one after the other, gradually there will be a cluster of businesses and economic boom. People in lagos will come down to the east to look for you. This can be achieved in 2 years time if you start today.

6..😢people falsely claim the East is small. It will not fit all of the Igbos. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. Lagos is just a little bigger than the size of Abia state. Despite the massive influx of people all over Nigeria into lagos including igbos right from the creation of this country it still accommodate everyone. That’s not an excuse at all. There are empty lands all over igbo land.

7..😢igbos must realize that its all a grand plan to spread them out and make sure they can’t unite again after the civil war as a strong opposition. They monopolized the seaport to Lagos alone and strategically locate  federal structures outside east to weaken the zone economically and politically. Why are we naively supporting a grand plan that was designed for our detriment. The National railroad plan under Buhari quietly excluding the East.

This has made igbos to leave east to Lagos or Abuja in other to get these things they have been deprived of. The result is that igbos now live outside east, get married, develop outside the east and have their children outside the east and even hate their kinsmen in the east.

These children have little or no knowledge about their language and culture. They only travel back home during festive period. They are forced to learn language and practice the culture of their masters.

This Federal strategy has also worked wonders for the Nigerian leaders. By strategically blocking the Igbos from education and employment in Nigeria, the bulk of the Igbos were forced out of Nigeria to search for survival outside the country. Some of these people are now the second highest source of income for Nigeria after oil due to their remittances back home in their quest to invest in Lagos and Abuja as designed by their master.

8.😢.this has led to igbo language becoming endangered and increase in disunity among the Igbos. That’s why you can bet that igbos in Lagos or those outside the East will never support the idea of Biafra because they have made investments where they were not supposed to and they are so scared to death about losing their idol – Money located outside the East.

9..😢igbos must learn from history, after the war, igbo properties were taken away with full consent of the government yet they have not learnt anything from that.

Recently when Arewa youths gave igbos quit notice, no Arrest was made by federal government. They were already targeting igbo properties to be taken when the time comes, yet Ndigbo have nothing to learn from all these.

10.😢.let’s stop the idea that we should be the ones practicing one Nigeria. That’s a lie. Hausa said they want one Nigeria on their terms but over fourteen Northern states have instituted Sharia Islamic law over the Nigerian constitution. The Islamic sharia law happens to be binding on Christians and non-Moslems also.

The igbo quest to invest In another land is strictly driven by the mindset of making quick money or returns.  Let’s tell ourselves the truth..

Dangote with all his wealth doesn’t have a land in east. You only find cement depots. How many Hausa or Yoruba has a land or investment in east? Are we now more Nigerian than them?

The average rich Northerner will bring his cows to the East to sell during Christmas even though he hates Christians but he will not even sleep in your hotels. He will rather sleep underneath his trailer and will quickly depart from the east after selling his cows. For God’s sake, why do you think you are smarter than this people who share common unforgivable passion to spill the Igbo blood.

11😢..the government of Lagos is demolishing markets dominated by igbos and relocating them to outskirts of town. This should be a wake up call for Ndigbo to return home and create their own Lagos in the East. They usually point Ndigbo to any undeveloped forest and in a matter of weeks, Igbos will spring up a new market at the site and still pay taxes, levies, bills for the site.

The property tax alone the Igbos pay every year  where they reside is enough to pay the salaries of the teachers in these places especially Lagos.

12. Ndigbo must now understand that they are being used due to their ignorance. During the budgetary period, the places where you reside includes you in the count but after the money has been allocated, they tell you to go back to your state of origin.

How many times do you want to get screwed before you learn that these people are taking turns screwing you for nothing.

Stop the Self-Imposed marginalization and empower the Igbo land.

By Dokubo Asari

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