Having destroyed Nigeria, the Fulanis are now invading southern Nigeria to take over the local leaderships, cities and business that the southern Nigerians have built privately and communially.

Any Nigerian who still holds the view that only the Fulani leadership is Nigeria’s enemy of the state is deceiving himself and others who listen to him.

The Fulani almajiris are as guilty of being enemies of the Nigerian state as their elite. To treat them as enemies of state is the beginning of wisdom; and frankly the beginning of safeguarding ourselves.

The Fulani almajiris are the Fulani voters, terrorists, referendum, and foot soldiers. It was with their referendum, terror, and votes at every turn since 1914 that the Fulani elite attained power and usurped power to this day. Without them, Fulani elite couldn’t have farted out a fire; without them President Buhari & co. wouldn’t be as blatant as they are with power today.

Today, Fulanis are again invading the south like they did in 1967. Of course we know the consequences of their visitation. The consequences are death, destruction, looting, theft, torture, butchery, maiming, etc.

Their young men are being transported in Dangote tractor-trailers with hidden AK 47s. Of course people don’t sojourn to other people’s place with military assault rifles anywhere in the world.

To call a spade a spade, President Muhammadu Buhari and other Fulanis like Aliko Dangote are obliquely sponsoring their tribesmen with state power to resume their Holocaust in Southern Nigeria, in order to take over.

It is up to southern Nigerians to arm themselves with guns, machetes, and vigilantes; and to massacre the Fulanis back in self defense.

No southerner or middlebeltaner is safe if this mostly illiterate, untraveled, and savage tiny tribe of Fulanis is allowed to carry our their threats to the Indigenous ethnicities of this country.

45 million Yorubas, 45 million Igbo, 15 million Ijaws, Tivs, Itsekiris, Binis, Anangs, etc., etc. mobilize and organize your town and state vigilantes to deal mercilessly and decisively with Fulanis any time they attack you.

It doesn’t matter whether President Buhari is sponsoring them or not. Fulanis aren’t the only ones in the police and army. More of southerners, middlebeltans, and non-Fulanis are in our forces than Fulanis.

Our lives and the lives of our loved ones are at stake here. They will kill you all with kitchen knives, or by throwing you up in the air several times to land like tomatoes on the hard ground. They relish to torture those who aren’t Fulani.

If they should start their murder in your place, give them and their little ones and women worse treatment before their eyes.

Southern Nigerians and Middle-Belt, again, arm yourselves with guns, machetes, and paid vigilantes against invasive Fulanis.

You must defend yourselves and families against them. If you don’t, you are a fool and your survivors will spit at your name.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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