Eke Tue. 19 April 2021:
Ndi Igbo who live outside of Igboland, especially in America, are sponsoring genocide in Igboland. Now is the time to call World Igbo Congress, Ekwe Nche, and the rest of them into account.
Now is the time to appeal to American, British, German, Korean, South African, and other governments to track the Igbo rogue sponsors of the ongoing genocide in Igboland down and take them in for questioning and prosecution.
The Igbo Revolution, hereby, petitions responsible foreign governments to investigate masterminds of World Igbo Congress, Ekwe Nche, IPOB, etc. for the genocide they are funding in Igboland. The SOS outcries of Igbo at home have reached the high heavens, but overseas Igbo do not care. Their minds are made up to behead Igbo and graft in their goons as mafia and supreme leader.
Because most people in Igboland are starving, Igbo abroad have been using their dollars and pounds to intimidate, maim, and massacre as they please in Igboland, and blaming it all on others. In this period of astronomical unemployment rate in Nigeria, people are scared to fend for a living in Igboland. Some weeks, they could only work for three days out of the seven days of the week.
Unless the rest of us step forward to stop the criminals behind World Igbo Congress, Ekwe Nche, Professor Obiozor’s Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, and the rest of their insensate Igbo organizations, they will certainly destroy us and blame their destruction of us on us.
The rest of Igbo outside Igboland, rise now and denounce and ostracize them in strong terms, for Igbo at home are too handicapped to save themselves. We all either rise now to distill the best solutions to our Igbo ethnic problems or watch ourselves lose our homeland finally.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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