Oye, Thu. 23 June 2022:
A person’s or people’s worst character is unruliness. For unruly, or recalcitrant, or stiffnecked people are incapable of examining issues, even to their own benefit.
Both Hebrew and Christian scriptures held Hebrew unruliness responsible for the dispersal of ancient Israel. The same could become our fate if we don’t begin to get it right right now.
We Ndi Igbo are recalcitrant against no other than ourselves. We are stiffnecked to the benefit of our detractors. And that is the only reason we have been wailing and whining shamelessly.
No ethnic group in this country is physically stronger and more populous than us. Also, none is richer or more educated, enlightened, or traveled.
So then, why is Igbo the most weepy and marginalized?
Well, size and strength, and learning and traveling, don’t matter as long as they aren’t brought to bear. For brawn without brain is self-immolation.
Self-examination nyilu anyi bu Igbo ka amili nyilu okuko. And without self-reexamination at this juncture, we are inexorably doomed to permanent subjugation (if not dispersal) as a people!
So therefore, The Igbo Revolution has resolved that to marshal facts and history in stark perspective may jolt us to self-preservation at least.
“To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” is an euphemism for “To destroy Igbo is a task that must be done.”
We Ndi Igbo will continue to aid our enemy compatriots’ Igbophobia until we understand that coded mantra. It may even be too late for our descendants by the time we come around to fending off our noxious compatriots.
Igbo and Yoruba majorities are more learned than the third majority, Hausa-Fulani, but Igbo is the only majority that behaves like illiterates who never heard of the Thucydides Trap.
Thucydides’s Trap describes a tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing power.
The term is based on a quotation of ancient Athenian historian and military general, Thucydides, in which he posited that the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta had been inevitable because of Spartan fears of the growth of Athenian power.
Leading up to the return of self-rule, Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani became scared of the rise of Igbo.
They did not stop at being scared, they began to do something about their anxiety. They began to smear, scandalize, vilify, and attack Igbo to their own masses and regional minorities.
They also went for broke to make Igbo a pariah in the comity of Nigerian peoples. They went ahead to dissociate themselves from whatever Igbo espoused.
For example, they excommunicated their own Nigerian patriots, from Adeniran Ogunsanya to Abiola and Obasanjo, and derided pan-Nigerianism, Pan-Africanism, and Negritude.
Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello never espoused any of those. And when their intellectual primus inter pares and would-be Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, castigated Negritude in the early 1960s, it was in keeping with their determination to gang up against the rise of the Igbo gentry and whatever that gentry represented, no matter how germane even for them.
The same Awolowo, Soyinka, and the rest of them began to espouse pan-Nigerianism, Pan-Africanism, etc. right after they were sure in the 1970s that their Yoruba/Fulani ethnic coalition had finally conquered, destroyed, and domesticated Igbo.
Igbo may still not think as a nation of people, we may still not wrap our minds around the concept of the Thucydides Trap and the consequences of not guarding against it, but our rival majorities do.
Our fundamental problem in the light of the Thucydides Trap is that we had no imperial background.
Unlike the Yorubas and Fulanis who experienced the tyrannies, booties, and bounties of empires (such as the Oyo, Fulani, Songhai and Kanem-Bornu Empires), we had no such experience whatsoever.
But we have heard and learned in history classes about them and their organized criminalities. And if Yorubas and Fulanis who had lived those tyrannies are ready to cannibalize us to preempt a repeat experience, why wouldn’t we, too, lash out to shut them down as they now strive to recreate their dead empires at our expense?
It was Premier M. I. Okpara who gave the Yorubas the opening they needed to discomfit the Igbo gentry (which Zik had galvanized) ahead of the Yoruba/Fulani open hostilities and military expedition that was to follow in 1967.
Having won Okpara over, the Yorubas 1) convinced him to unload Eastern Region’s budget in sponsorship of Awo’s Action Group;
2) convinced four tragic Igbo majors that Awolowo would be a better Prime Minister than Balewa;
3) became Governor Ojukwu’s preferred advisers in our darkest hour;
4) and today use their pastors, General Overseers, jurists, professors, and diabolical cults to manipulate Igbo mindset, politics, and society.
Unless we reject everything Yoruba (their churches, heroes, cults, attires, politics, language, etc.) and stop towing the Okpara/Ojukwu bridge-across-the-Niger line, we will remain suckers and kpof-kpof to them, to Fulani, and to others.
Yoruba responsibility in its hedonistic Fulani/Yoruba coalition since 1966 is to use the Nigerian mainstream media, politics, religion, and other socio-cultural organs to dehumanize Igbo in the eyes of everybody, in order to soften the ground for the rest of Nigeria to buy into the complete annihilation of Igbo as the only solution to the Nigerian cohabitation.
Igbo responsibility therefore is to smear and discredit Yoruba back, and to get other Nigerians to have Fulani terror boomerang.
Until we arise proactively as Igbo (first and last) to oppose our rival majorities as they oppose us, we’ll never gonna get it right.
Until we arise proactively as Igbo, we will remain like monsters, or a mumu people, as our enemy compatriots blight our survival, cart us to prison, and machine-gun us down as they please.
Njakili and remaining jolly good fellows to headhunters are criminal. What does a Hausa-Fulani or Yoruba rapport profit me, when I am fully aware that he will surly stab me in the back—if he hasn’t already?
By Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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