Friday 29/05/2020:

Fulani men, women and children whom we have been seeing on social media training on how to shoot AK 47 assault rifles may have chosen tonight or tomorrow, Biafra Day May 30, to be the day or night they will massacre Igbo from their different locations in Igboland.

We must be on high alert at this period. We must watch the northern Nigerians in our midst like a hawk. We must furnish ourselves with defensive fire arms, obejili, machetes, and other weapons in case they strike.

Our vigilante services should be fully mobilized and our young men ready to slaughter them back. And not just in Igboland but in the north and in other lands, too, as the situation arises.

If the Fulanis in the east start their offensive against Igboland, no Igbo anywhere else in Nigeria is safe. Therefore, Ndi Igbo, arm yourselves with weapons to defend yourselves and families anywhere in Nigeria.

You cannot run again for anybody. And where the Nigerian security forces are detailed not to defend you, make sure you kill your killers before they kill you.

To defend yourselves is Godly. To not defend yourselves is suicide and ungodly.

President Muhammadu Buhari will never defend you. He wants you wiped out. He pretends to be weak, whereas he is the naziest and the most bloodthirsty head of state since Yakubu Gowon and Murtala Mohammed. To look up to the Buhari junta, therefore, is another way to commit suicide.

In the last few months Aliko Dangote’s tractor-trailers and other HausaFulani truckers have smuggled thousands of military assault rifles and able young HausaFulani men into Igboland and into other southern and middlebelt lands.

And as they do that their stupid trade union, known as Maiyyma Allah or some stupid and savage name like that, boasts that they will colonize all of us by slaughter, by maiming, and by raping.

The Federal Government that has the sole control of the police force and of all intelligence forces hears and reads these Fulani threats everyday but pretends helpless; which can only mean that Buhari’s Federal Government is in cahoots with Fulani.

Ndi Igbo, arm yourselves with defensive weapons anywhere you are in this country. And be ready to slaughter Fulani children, women, and men (or any other Nigerians for that matter) before they slaughter you again, as they habitually do.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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