Afor Sun. 12 June 2022
The APC presidential candidate for 2023, Mr. Bola Tinubu, prides himself as a thug. Having harassed a linguistic majority a while back, he now escalates his harassment of the same majority to usurp that majority’s presidential turn.
Bola Tinubu is carrying out the wishes of his ethnic base. It is up to those he is determined to deter from the polls and presidency to show him na o peka.
And to show Tinubu that he is a skunk is to make sure you get your voters PVC this year and cast your vote next year.
To show Bola Tinubu that he is too small is not to warn or whine,“Stop doing that,” or “Don’t push us to the wall,” or whatever.
For, if you only keep appealing to him and his supporters to repent, they will not only push all of you to the wall again, they will also push you right into the wall and cement you over like earlier.
Bola Tinubu may be extremely rich for his money to bully people, but he is still a private individual who can be thrown into jail for sabotaging the electoral process.
And they that think that Tinubu is acting alone are deceiving themselves, as well as jeopardizing their post-2023 conditions. Tinubu has a solid ethnic backing!
Having said all that, stop wailing and whining and get your PVC voters registration cards whether any ethnic thugs like it or not.
Nigeria is a federal system where the petrodollars of the old eastern region is enriching Bola Tinubu and his old western region.
Chuma Oguagha

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