Afo, Sat. Mar. 14, 2020:

This law you people [discussants] know at Mbaise more than two Popes fits the adage of being more catholic than the pope. In this case you are more aware of that law than two supreme pontiff.

At Imufu, a parish near my place, an Mbaise man is the parish priest. No ado about it. Not one.

Assuming you are 100℅ correct in your analysis, what Opkalaeke did is what you were supposed to do. Throw in the towel. Allowing or bowing to pope in catholic disagreement is not out of cowardice or foolishness or illiteracy. You can accept a painful condition if your father want it that way. That’s respect. This time the holy father, the supreme pontiff.

Some times in the past most of our clergies were whites, some others from other states or parts of the country. No ado about that.

You have no remorse about what you people did and the embarrassment it caused the Catholic Church.

Like karma, which one would you have preferred between Governor and Bishop of Mbaise for Mbaise wisest man on earth?

By John Ayogu

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