Afo Monday 21 June 2021:

The position of the SE leaders few days ago reiterated and validated the unalloyed position of clairvoyant and informed Igbo folks that there is no place for unelected freedom fighters in spearheading Igbo affairs not now ,not in future. Not now and never.

We warned against boyish bravado, Nigeria is not working. This is obvious to the dumbest and gutless muppets covered in their wives blankets dishing out threats from overseas.

You went abroad to hustle and all you could bring back to us your people you left behind to take care of the house is war.

Obinigwe will never allow anarchists and terrorists to rejoice over Igbo defeat for the second time.

Once beaten, twice shy.

Awo beat Zik in early 1950s with tribal cards while Zik bounced back in 1959 pre-independence coalition to nip his manoeuvring craftiness in the bud.

Zik not only failed to aligned with him for perfidious simultaneous negotiations with him and Sarduana ,he also sidelined his quest and placed us in charge of Economy, Civil Service and fiercest echelon in the Military.

The opposition moaned because he never allowed them second chance.

Awo rode to power on the back of tribalism when he fought Zik for being onye Igbo who should not be allowed to head the western region.

Zik came back, he learnt lesson, never blamed anyone, he was the Messi in their team NCNC, he was most qualified to lead.

Eyo Ita couldn’t wrestle him because Kano Pillars is no match to Bayern Munich.

And what happened? Zik won. Ita resorted to tribal cards and mudslinging to assuage his defeat. His action could be likened to some of today’s freedom fighters and soldiers of Justice, the former PDP stalwarts who lost to Machiavellian Buhari in 2015, instead of moving on like their principal, GEJ, they covertly resorted to self immolation to cement marginalization cry.

Most uninformed folks believed the crap that Zik was the reason why Igbo had squabbles with their coastal neighbours before the war because of Eyo Ita saga.

I told them to go ahead slap Ronald Koeman of Barcelona for choosing Lionel Messi over Ousmane Dembele.

Biafran agitators should borrow a leaf from Ojukwu’s movement into politics after the 1967-1970 debacle .

We were beaten black and blue then, once beaten twice shy, we are shy now, there’s no short cut except pragmatic alliance cum bridge building.

I don sit down dey look because this one has stamina .

Udala is wishing you all a peaceful Monday .

#EndViolence in Igboland.

By Udala Joy Becky Eze

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