Fulanis are enemies to Nigerians. They are enemies of the Nigerian state. And our troubles will be over when we begin to treat them as enemies of the Nigerian state.

Nigerians should begin to denounce, ostracize, and retaliate against the Fulanis if we really want to behave like responsible human beings.

To hide behind the sort of Christianity no other nation has ever practiced in the history of the world is to be downright irresponsible and stupid. Christian Nigerians who forgive Fulanis should also forgive Satan. And the pretenders don’t even forgive their kith and kin. They lock their kith and kin up on very flimsy excuses.

We are deeding our land to our fellow Africans whom we are better than in every respect. And as we do that, we look up to the White man (whom we denounce all the time) to come to our rescue and save us from a Fulani minority of minorities that has neither technology nor erudition, but stone-age savagery that doesn’t work in this age of information technology.

Originally, they weren’t of this eastern end of West Africa. Their forefathers migrated from Senegambia after the coming of the white man. But now, because of our collective cowardice and truancy, they are boasting like the white man did in the 19th century, that our land belongs to them.

But, unlike the white man, they have no gun technology to back up their claim. They use our own weapons to subdue us: 1) our own armory 2)our own presidency 3)our own police 4)our own army 4)our fellow indigenes 5)our own press 6)and our academia. What a howling shame!

It is a shame. And our shame speaks to our IQ. When some white men accuse us of low IQ, we scream, Racism! rather than prove them wrong by behaving like responsible human beings do.

The problem with Nigeria is that the Indigenous ethnic nationalities of Nigeria have refused to confront their common enemy; and that common enemy is the Fulani.

Who are terrorizing every part of the country today? The Fulanis. Who have usurped all the governmental positions? The Fulanis. Who are controlling 98% of the oil wells of Nigeria? The Fulanis. Who have ruled Nigeria since independence? The Fulanis or their surrogates. Who have master-minded the failed state policies of Nigeria since independence? The Fulanis.

And how many are the Fulanis in population, compared to other Nigerian ethnicities?

Fulanis are about 6 million in population
Yorubas are about 45 million in population
Hausa are about 45 million in population
Igbo are about 45 million in population
And other ethnicities of Nigeria make up for the country’s roughly 200 million population.

So why have 6 million people been dominating 194 million others since August 1st, 1966?

6 million Fulanis must be either more educated and politico-economically advanced than other Nigerian ethnicities or they have more IQ.

It must be one or the other for them to be dominating Nigeria.

Now, Fulanis aren’t even as educated and sophisticated as the Tivs of the middlebelt part of Nigeria, who appear as populous as Fulanis are.

To compare Fulanis with Yoruba or Igbo in economy or education is a travesty. To compare them to 15million Ijaws of the Niger Delta in that regard is even a travesty.

So why do Fulanis dominate peoples that are well off in all respects than them?

The answer is their IQ. They have a higher IQ than other Nigerians. Some Nigerians may castigate them as being herded like cattle by their leaders. But the truth is that those Nigerians are the grass the cattle Fulanis are eating.

It is an autochthonous shame that an immigrant ethnicity from Senegambia has replaced Britain to colonize us by shear terror; as if they that put to the sword have hidden their heads away on the ledge?

Fulanis have not only put the IQ of the indigenous Nigerian ethnicities in doubt, they have also put our manhood in doubt. It is a shame.

It’s a shame that Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Efik/Ibibio, Bini, Tiv, etc., etc. graduate thousands of lawyers, doctors, engineers, writers, bankers, journalists, economists, etc. each year, and yet Fulanis who graduate no more than tens of the same take up all the available positions to run the country.

And rather than galvanize against Fulani greed and terror, 45 million Yorubas will grovel under 6 million Fulani table for crumbs to serve as Fulani’s attack dog.

And rather than galvanize against Fulani greed and terror, 45 million Igbo will shamelessly complain that 6 million Fulanis refuse to give them independent Biafra.

And rather than galvanize against Fulani terror and Yoruba indigenous sabotage, Ijaws, Binis, Tivs, etc. continue to complain and support the two enemy ethnicities of their progress.

The day Ndi Igbo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Tiv, Bini, Efik/Ibibio, Itsekiri/Urhobo, etc. will stop complaining is the day they will face their foreign enemy who has robbed them of their manhood and basic dignity.

And their foreign enemy, as well as the enemy of their Nigerian state is no other than The Fulani people.

The next edition of this Enemy of the State Series will call out some personalities who are enemies of the Nigerian state.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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