Eke Friday 19 February 2021:

Rising from its virtual emergency teleconference that was monitored in Awka yesterday February 18th, The Igbo Revolution resolves that enough is now enough. This revolution will no longer tolerate the unsubstantiated and totally undeserved insults that are being spewed at Zik, particularly by Ndi Igbo.

This Revolution has bent over backwards since 2017 to educate those who are insulting Zik, about the man. But as it strove, it became ever clear that there were two types of youths, in particular, who would never stop insulting Zik, unless bullied back to stop.

The first type are those who must deny his pioneering effort and replace it with that of M. I. Okpara. And the second type are those who support Odumegwu Ojukwu as second only to Okpara in Igboland. What can be more stupid?

In a nutshell, M. I. Okpara was the Samuel Akintola of Igboland in the sense that he outsourced Igbo loyalty to Obafemi Awolowo, the same way Akintola outsourced Yoruba loyalty to Ahmadu Bello.

Okpara is even a worse saboteur than Akintola because Akintola was groomed by Awolowo to root for Hausa-Fulani rapport and alliance, rather than for Igbo rapport and alliance.

Zik never taught his subordinates to trust Awolowo. Okpara started courting Awolowo out of his personal greed: he wanted to spite and supplant Zik as Igbo leader. That kid then was impatient to become either the next Prime Minister or President under Awolowo.

Secondly, Akintola inherited a bankrupt Western Region from Awolowo, as a result of which federal relief money was irresistible to him.

Thirdly, Yorubas since Brigadier Ademulegun had proven capable of doing anything for high positions. Akintola was no exception. He beat Awolowo to their secret crush for a Hausa-Fulani political alliance where himself, rather than Awolowo, will take over Zik’s ceremonial presidency after the 1964 parliamentary elections.

Awolowo had, in sending double deligates to Zik and Bello for the 1960 alliance, hoped to ditch and disgrace Zik had Zik accepted his alliance that would make Zik the Prime Minister.

If Zik had fallen into that snake’s trap, Awolowo and his party honchos would have thoroughly humiliated Zik to the world by accusing him of supplanting Bello (NPC) the first place winner of the election in his obsession for power and domination. And the British overseers and Time Magazine would have hailed Awolowo as the savior of the giant of Africa!

Dr. Okpara was the Igbo leader that put us in this mess, anyhow we look at it. He taught the generation of Ojukwu, Nzeogwu, and Ifeajuna to disregard ethnic Igbo patriotism and aspire to save Nigeria at the expense of Igbo.

A highly successful Zik built Igboland, which Britain abandoned, from the scratch; Okpara and Ojukwu who did not measure up to him in private enterprises succeeded him to squander all he did.

From now on until the anti-Zik idiots are reined in by their fathers, uncles, and Igbo elite, This Revolution will champion commensurate insults on Okpara, Ojukwu, and little, weepy Mbakwe, who was only a clannish champion.

Zik is the father of modern Igbo. Nobody has loved Igbo more than he did, and nobody has done half of what he did for Igbo.

To get ahead, Igbo must shut the anti-Zik bastards down. The ignorant bastard accuse Zik of all manner of crimes: From moving the capital of Nigeria from Calabar in 1906 (when he was 2 years old) to moving it to Zungeru in 1902 (before he was conceived in his mother’s womb).

They accuse him of handing Nigeria to Fulani at independence, when it was Britain that sponsored the education, bursary, and boarding of Bello and co. in Britain for two years, to prepare them to inherit the power it was already rigging to Fulani favor at all costs.

Igbo youths are always threatening to unearth Zik’s corpse and kill him again! How does that sound, Igbo elite?

From now on M. I. Okpara, Sam Mbakwe, and Ojukwu are the ones to be exhumed and killed again. Nonsense.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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