What has been going on in Igboland nowadays is a complete disgrace. And the sooner we stop taking to the streets, and start communing among ourselves as Ndi Igbo, the better for us.

Empty cans make the most noise. And a rolling stone gathers no moss. Two English proverbs we learned as we grew up. What then is so hard in applying them in our personal and national (Igbo) lives?

Running and biking half-naked with tree branches and palm fronds in the name of Biafra activism can only make Fulani-Yoruba case for them when they back us to the corner, where they have always wanted us.

And once the showdown gets underway, what is the ready-made Fulani-Yoruba counter-charge against our marginalization accusation?

They will tell the world that, “We are felons and criminals who push drugs in the streets, who behead and rape people, and who steal and do ritual killing.”

And you know what? Outsiders will quickly agree by mere looking at our rowdy and half-naked IPOB activists. And by listening to their tape recordings of the shit Nnamdi Kanu spews out on a daily basis in the name of freedom fighting.

Outsiders will wag their heads and give their full support to weed out such elements from a people’s effort at civilization.

And the moment Fulani-Yoruba level that false accusation against us, other Nigerian ethnicities will swiftly support them because they know the huge rewards of looting Igbo again. Their fathers looted Igbo and told them the huge benefits.

Ndi Igbo, shut down IPOB activism now before it stagnates and destroys us!

Not even an Igbo man will be comfortable to invest in Igboland where anything can happen tomorrow. He will rather invest in stable other lands.

No ethnicity is more populous than us in this country; no ethnicity is richer; no ethnicity is more traveled; no ethnicity is more educated; and no ethnicity is healthier. Yet all we do is to complain and clown as other ethnicities scheme and ally with others to pull their own weights.

We must stop the complaining and start organizing ourselves from grassroots up. From village vigilantes to OMATA to Oraneze Ndi Igbo, for instance.

Igbo, stop deceiving yourselves that upstarts and never-do-wells will lead you to some promised land!

Stop expending your energies and resources on how to fix Nigeria. How can you fix what you did not destroy?

Let’s fix our ethnicity and all other things will be added unto us.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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