Afo, Wed. Mar. 18, 2020:

The first coup in Nigeria was plotted by Awolowo, a Yoruba, who wanted to rule the country by any means necessary.

And the first military Putsch in Nigeria was organized by mainly Igbos whose target was to kill Zik and others, bring out Awolowo from prison and hand over power to him.

However, the counter coup was engineered by the Hausas. You can call it genocide because the bloodletting was nauseating. They clinched total power and were riding roughshod on the rest of us until when military rule crashed in Nigeria.

But let us go down memory lane. When the Hausas launched the counter coup, they had a sort of uncanny foresight. They made two Christians, Gowon and Awolowo the Head of State and the Second-in-command respectively.

Now when the East seceded from the Federation and war ensued. The Biafrans quickly sent a delegation to the Pope alleging that Muslims were killing Christians.

The Federal side sent their own delegation to Rome and debunked the claims.


The Biafrans were left speechless and crestfallen. And the Pope started seeing them as people who are very economical with the truth.

Naturally, they were rash. They don’t give any course of action a serious thought before embarking on it.

And on the part of Hausas, undoubtably they were very pro-active. I don’t know who confided in them this type of smart move. I myself have not seen such providence on the part of any people.

Nonetheless, what I m reeling out was what happened decades ago. But even now, history is still repeating itself.

My people are not articulate at all, and the more educated that one is, the worse he becomes. The Emir of Kano for instance has been dethroned. And the Igbos are the most vociferous about his removal.

They are at the forefront condemning the APC administration in general and Kano State Government in particular for removing the traditional ruler.

The media in South-east are awashed with stories about the dethronment. Everybody is disturbing my ear drums with stories about the former Central Bank governor.

It seems as if they love Kano state more than the indigenous people of that part of the country love themselves!

And for crying out loud, the embattled monarch is of Fulani stock, the very minority tribe that is riding roughshod against the rest of the people of this country.

And the man in question, though a trained economist, is an unrepentant jihadist. He succeeded Chukwuma Soludo as Central Bank governor and tried all he could to reverse all the noble policies he left behind.

And under the guise that he was sanitizing the financial sector, he morbidly made sure that two southern banks, Oceanic and Intercontinental banks closed shop. This is the man they want to die for!

The deposed king who is now living in Nasarawa State started by attacking the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. He alleged that some money that supposed to enter into the NNPC account was missing but he was not sure of the amount and was bandying figures around.

That was what endeared him to the opposition party. The ruling party then suspended him and the next thing we saw was that he was hurriedly made the Emir of Kano to wade off any form of investigation into his shady deals as the Central Bank governor.

Apparently, the succour he sought was not forthcoming and he became more disenchanted and started criticizing the new ruling party. Their romance was shortlived and Ganguje, the governor of Kano State started looking for ways to remove him!

My people attributed his travails and their support for him to the fact that he speaks for the masses. But nothing can be far from the truth. Sanusi speaks for almajiris! And he is not interested in what goes on in the South! The earlier my people puts this into their thick skull, the better.

The Igbos have not spared a thought about the recent happenings in the country to know where we are headed to, just because we are not pro-active.

Some pundists from the Southern part of the country are of the view that what is happening in Kano is a grand design by the North to present Sanusi as a candidate come 2023.

They are won’t to point out that sequel to his dethronement that the Kaduna State government came to his rescue by appointing him into the board of Kaduna State development organization and making him the Vice Chancellor of Kaduna State university.

But the meat of the matter is that El Rufai is a fellow Fulani. And just like any other tribe, there are friends and foes within them as a body.

That Sanusi opted to live in Lagos but was quarantined in Nasarawa by Ganduje is not my business. He can stew in his juices for all I care.

When will the Igbo man know what politics is all about? As it stands now, anybody who falls out with the government becomes their friend over night, not minding the person’s antecedents. Is this how to play politics?

Former governor Fayose of Ondo state was their pal. Former minister Fani Kayode is their darling. And now former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Mohammed 11 is now their ally!

And tomorrow another foe whose path crossed that of the government of the day will still make the fraternity list. And yet my people would be thumping their chests as a very wise tribe, a people created specially by Chukwu Okike Abiama. Kpom!

If a people are not pro-active, can they be adjudged as a people who are politics wise? Definitely No! So let us go back to the drawing board.

We must be aware that Zik is more with us, because the man over pampered the Igbo and it got into our heads. He did virtually all the spade work for us. It is time for us to take up the gauntlet and stand on our two feet like the capital letter A!

My take is that all these propositions being bandied about does not hold water. If perchance Sanusi had continued lending his weight behind this autarchy we have in place, nothing untowards would have happened to him.

The truth of the matter is that this Nigerian autarchy is only good in idle pass time. They abuse institutions serially. When it was the turn of the judiciary, their attack dogs were swooping on judges, one after another.

Now they have remembered our traditional institution, and they started with their former ally, the Emir of Kano. Their relationship had been rosy until now.

But he is not the only traditional ruler in Nigeria whose name is in their bad book. Know ye that once you are not a booth licker, your name must be in that infamous book!

The recent banishment is just a trial balloon. Their target really is the Obi of Onicha. But may God punish whoever that touches this reverred monarch, aka Agbogidi!

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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