Nkwor Thu. 14 April 2022:
If Premier M. I. Okpara, General Aguiyi-Ironsi, and Nnamdi Kanu from Umuahia or environ don’t succeed in destroying Igbo, then we are extremely lucky.
Dr. M. I. Okpara was from Umuahia. He was a medical doctor. He had neither sufficient training in humanities nor the age and experience in leadership to match Obafemi Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello, his fellow party leaders.
Okpara was a youth in age and experience compared to the two old foxes ( Awo and Bello) that were his political rivals. Secondly, Okpara was not as precocious as we package him.
Nnanyi Zik, who sponsored Okpara to power and retired from party politics, was still in power and at Okpara’s corner to ease him through the political minefield. Zik was by far the oldest, the most trained in humanities, and the most experienced of all the federal leaders then.
But Okpara would not huddle with Zik as Balewa huddled with Bello, Nehru with Gandhi, etc. Okpara chose to supplant Zik the way Akintola chose to supplant Awolowo.
And Okpara made Awolowo a hero to Ndi Igbo the way Akintola tried to make Bello a hero to Ndi Yoruba. But, the difference was that the Yorubas rejected Akintola’s waywardness, while Igbo embraced Okpara’s waywardness even to this day.
It was Okpara’s wayward and reckless recommendation of Awolowo that made the next generation of Igbo youths ( led by Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna, and Ojukwu) become pro-Yoruba and anti-Igbo.
O yes, Ironsi, Nzeogwu, Ifeajuna, and Ojukwu were anti-Igbo and pro-Yoruba subconsciously. Okpara’s hotheadedness turned them into Yorubamaniacs and Igbophobes without them knowing it.
And as long as Ndi Igbo continue to follow Okpara’s politics of Bridge Across the Niger, so long will Ndi Igbo also remain Igbophobes and Yorubamaniacs subconsciously.
Okpara was a swashbuckler, and his swashbuckling endorsed Awolowo for the third generation of modern Igbo leaders (Nzeogwu and Ojukwu) to make good that endorsement at our expense.
General Aguiyi-Ironsi also was from Umuahia and around the same age as Okpara. He was not spared the Igbophobia and Yorubamania Okpara his clansman injected into the Eastern Region.
Ironsi could have done a lot to prevent or even punish the Hausa-Fulani pogrom on his people. But he didn’t; rather he placated his people’s killers. It did not border him that 3,000 of his people were lynched in cold blood.
We were wrong to follow Ironsi’s lead like cattle. And we are again completely wrong to be following like cattle today’s trending lead of Nnamdi Kanu, another Umuahian.
Today’s trending IPOB leadership is the crassest any can find in all of history. And the reasons behind its mass support are inanest.
Socrates said that “The unexamined life is not worth living.” When we take stock of how far we have come since this current trend gained momentum in 2017, all we see is home-grown terror and carnage.
All we see are our own casualties and none of the enemy. All we see are expropriation, stagnation, and starvation.
We must retrace our steps to sponsor Igbo patriotism, eastern regionalism, and political essentialism. We cannot entrust our collective fate in the hands of any other Umuahian, or, for that matter, another Igbo or gang. That is irresponsible.
Heath dwellers and villagers look for a messiah in this day and age. Educated and traveled people do not. If they do, then they have chosen to be stupid.
36 million of us cannot be eliminating ourselves and stagnating our land for the sake of 6 million starving and weather-beaten Nigerian Fulanis. That is shameful, stupid, and cowardly. That is no heroism on anybody’s part by any stretch of the imagination.
Last but not the least, Igbo capital relocated to Umuahia before it surrendered to our enemies. Think about all that.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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