Sat. 05 Feb. 2022:
If you love Igbo so much to support the sit-at-homes, you, too, should sit at home wherever you are that day. If you do not then you are the saboteur.
You cannot be going about your business in Europe, Asia, America, and in other parts of Africa and Nigeria every Monday and everyday Nnamdi Kanu goes to court and at the same time be supporting the enforcement of Monday and so forth sit-at-homes.
Enforcers of the sit-at-homes get paid that day to enforce it. And those who recruit them to terrorize our population indoors make a hell of a living by it.
If you can’t make that paltry sacrifice in America, Asia, Europe, and anywhere else outside Igboland, then you are a criminal.
And it doesn’t matter who or what you are. You may be a bishop, professor, or a manager, it doesn’t matter, you are a criminal all the same.
Just because you are well off and taking care of your loved ones in Igboland, you then believe that poverty-stricken Igbo should bite dust and die to achieve your fleeting goal!
Hypocrites and tyrants, it will not be well with you because you are wicked, insensitive, and shameless. You are wolves in sheep clothing. You, too, are the enemies of Ndi Igbo.
You can tell your sit at homes to the birds, and not to humans. For no humans will believe your sanity if you tell them that you shut down your land as a passive resistance against ethnic marginalization.
Mention one progressive land or people that ever did that? Or, mention the politico-economic gurus who advised that approach?
It is ethnic cowardice and waywardness of the highest orders for a majority to wallow in passive resistance against a minority of minorities.
Nigerian Fulani is a fraction of Igbo in all aspects of life:
1) Igbo is about 36 million, Fulani is about 6 million
2)Igbo is far richer
3)Igbo is far physically stronger
4)Igbo is indigenous, Fulani is alien
5)Igbo is far more educated
6) Igbo is far more traveled.
What then is our problem? How wouldn’t we bring all these resources to bear in our coexistence with Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba axis of evil that is determined to loot and destroy the old eastern region worse than the white men ever imagined.
We must call a spade a spade now or continue putting up a good face until we lose our land out of sheer stupidity. For our IPOB in-house economic and political attacks will eventually give Hausa-Fulanis enough mandate to send soldiers of occupation and their camp-following families and so on.
Ebonyi, Enugu, and Anambra States, distance yourselves now from this corrosive agitation. The states leading this agitation are the worst-performing states.
How can they that are unable to organize themselves to perform turn around to organize you to perform? If you agree to that apposition, then you have only yourselves to blame when your enemies overrun you overnight.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution
1Victor Wilberforce
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