Oye, Mon. Apr. 06, 2020:

This is what I call self abnegation. It is a serious ailment that has ceased my people and urgent psychological attention is needed to mitigate the malady before it gets out of hand.

If any good thing comes our way, it is easily attributed to Biafra while the odious ones are ascribed to the Igbo. For example, when the literary icon, Chimamanda Adichie, won an international award, they rolled out the drums, singing Hallelujah that a Biafran lady has made it once again.

Anything good is synominous with Biafra. But when anything negative rears its ugly head, it is classified as being Igbo in essence!

Take for instance, what is happening now that the price of garri soars in the market, as a result of the lockdown, occasioned by the Corona-virus pandemic, hear them, WHY IS IT THAT IGBOS DONT LOVE THEMSELVES.

That is why I postulate that Biafra is trendy just because the name itself is outlandish. Had it been that the reverse is the case, it would have been whimsical by now!

Chudi Okudo

The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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