Afo, Sun. Mar. 22, 2020:

Igbo should struggle and have one of our own in charge of the Aso-rock.

Buhari will borrow 23B dollars from Chinese EximBank for rail projects but unfortunately SouthEast will be excluded. I condemn the nepotism in it’s entirety. Our legislators were dumb while that bill scaled through without lamenting or giving us brief.

SouthEast will also be included in repayment of that money that will be borrowed, I could remember sometime in 2017, this same incidence occurred, Same EXIMBANK gave us loan for rail project and it was used for Western Network from Katsina to Lagos, at the detriment of Eastern network of Adamawa to Port Harcourt.

The unfortunate aspect of this was that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transport’s region got excluded from the project while he was in charge.

Presidency got it wrong but I will continue to blame SE lawmakers by not staging a walk out of the parliament.

This is why I have been clamoring for Nigerian president of Igbo extraction. President wields enormous daredevil powers that he remains most powerful in the country. He can alter the so-called luciferian document, the 1999 constitution, to his advantage and heaven will not fall.

The President we have been calling Jubril the Sudanese has dealt us big blows that we suddenly changed his name back to Buhari.

2023 is Igbo turn.

Young ones should infiltrate political terrain by identifying with political parties that would bring good governance and development oriented-manifestoes.

By Joy Becky Eze

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