Eke Thursday 03 June 2021:

[the following is the average example of how those who accuse Igbo leaders of working for Fulani and therefore deserve to die are themselves begging the same Fulani that they are peace loving]

Mr. President, you said you will treat us in the language we understand. How I wish you know the language we understand and I believe that you are a man of your word.

These are the languages we understand.

1. Peace, and tranquility: We love to live in peace because that is what has sustained us even in difficult times.

2. Prosperity: As you know our people are hardworking and innovative. We understand an enabling environment to ply our trade and showcase our innovations.

3. Equity: there is a saying we have ” eme nwanyi ka emere ibiya obi gadiya mma” . Translation if you treat a woman well as you treated the other woman well she will be happy and glad. We understand fairness, and

In fact if you treat us with that, you will sleep and enjoy your sleep.

Mr. President just treat us with the above mentioned languages  which we understand. We thank you in advance; and pray  that  GOD will give you the wisdom,  courage and strength to treat us in the language we understand namely  Peace, tranquility,, prosperity,  enabling environment, equity, and fairness. GOD bless you Mr. President and GOD bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Courtesy@Duruebube Oblong


Thank you my brother Oblong for this note to Mr. President. Buhari.  Probably he does not know the language the Igbo nation understands.

Are you one of the terrorists, killing innocent souls, burning and destroying private and public properties in your State, Imo State? I never knew you’re one of them because that’s who the President was referring to in his statement?
So you’re one of those that murder Gulak, right? I never knew you’re comfortable with the level of killing and destruction being perpetuated upon innocent souls in the SE by members of IPOB.
So you have hand in the murder Enugu State retired judge, late Mr. Nnaji or are you happy that innocent soul was murdered in cold blood? It’s sad what you’ve become.through your words.

Oblong,  which language do you not understand? Aboki or Igbo.
We are getting to time we will all say there was a country called Nigeria 🇳🇬. This president has a one national agenda and that  is Fulani dominance of Nigeria and this agenda he has supremely achieved by forgetting the national character of Nigeria.  All appointments of everything are being headed by the northerners. Sad.
This mean some  parts of Naija do not need to be in this marriage that has expired after 100 years of patch patch.
Never in my lifetime have I ever seen this kind of presidency before.
Nigeria need remedy today, today. I weep for Nigeria 🇳🇬.  Chaii

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