Afo, Wed. 29 Sept. 2021:
The ekpili maestro, Ozoemena Nsugbe, chanted: “Igbo, chobanu power!” And I concur.
Whatever we do now, we must also get every bit of our due under this constitution. We cannot be paying the taxes, the levies, and our sweat, provenance, and blood, and be waiting for our reward in Biafra.
That will be very, very stupid of us; especially because it is highly difficult for any unit to gain independence from a federation in which the other units insist on sustaining.
Northern Ireland and Scotland could have since been out of the United Kingdom if it were as easy as we think. And Texas could have checked out of the United States of America long time ago.
Ndibeanyi, o dironu easy. We tried it before, like southern American states did, and failed woefully.
Anybody selling that ikampower (that i welu nkea i lie mu ego) to you, don’t care a hoot about you. That person is a charlatan after his own pocket and well-being.
“Seek ye first the political kingdom and all other things will be added onto you,” is a time-tested statement because without a political clout one can only build on quicksand.
Every people are where they are as a result of their politics, for without augmenting an effort with politics, a large portion of its reward will be lost to rivals.
Enough said for now. The 2023 presidency is our turn. Let us galvanize our bloc and region now to win other regions behind us for the presidency, if we are to stanch wallowing in another political limbo for the next eight years at least.
It is stupid to believe that others will give us a level playing field, otherwise called Restructuring. It is also stupid to buy into Yoruba sleight of hand, otherwise known as zoning the presidency to the south.
Igbo, cheenu echiche, ma gbasienu like.
By Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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