Afo Tuesday 25 August 2020:

After watching Channel TV’s police video clip on the Emene manhunt, it only becomes clear that the Nigerian secret service (DSS) decided to go hunting for President Muhammadu Buhari’s Igbo game.

The five young boys whom the DSS boss paraded on TV, testified (despite his intimidation) that they had no weapons and had been doing their mass workouts at the same open location for about a month now. They also testified that nobody clothed, fed, or paid them to do their workouts.

The DSS boss testified himself that two of the five boys he repeatedly smeared as “hoodlums” where found hiding by themselves in the ceiling and underneath the staircase of a home without as much as a stick in their possessions.

And so, Mr. DSS, how then could the teenagers have held the residents of the home captive from their contorted positions, as you alleged?

The third teen had a regular black-striped yellow polythene bag in his hand. He spoke most fluently that he was on an errand, when he got caught up in the police sweep. Whoever holds a crumpled polythene bag in one hand and a rifle in the other, Mr. DSS?

The fourth admitted the DSS boss’ allegation that he was the one urging his colleagues to defy the police gunshots because odeeshi (ogwu, voodoo, or amulets) would shield them off any bullet penetration. He, too, was found without any weapons whatsoever—even if the weapon was a restaurant plastic knife.

The fifth was too frightened or inarticulate to speak, even if in Igbo. He, too, was unarmed. One or more of them had police bullet wounds. DSS also confessed to no recovery of weapons.

Ndi Igbo, onye nwe ogodo ewu na-ata? Nke onye na efu? Nigeria, Nigeria, Nigeria, kedu ndi e ji achu aja ka Nigeria we bulu ofu? O bu anyi!

Ka anyi che nu echiche. Let us stop our Nigerian patriotism and sentimentality and transfer our own sentiments and patriotism to Igbo. That was exactly what Fulanis perfected as far back as 1950, and Yorubas perfected as far back as 1966.

34 years after, we Igbo are stilling clinging to Nigerian sentiments and patriotism that Fulani and Yoruba ethnic sentiments and patriotisms had since rendered analog.

Ndi Igbo, Nigeria is in its own chosen digital age of ethnic imperialism. Ndi Igbo, may we, too, update ourselves and digitalize our own ethnicity and region.

Who is wiser and smarter between us and them now? Of course they are wiser than us because we have not only completely lost out, they are additionally siphoning our mineral and human resources to their own lands.

For example, Fulani motto is not to forgive anybody for one dead Fulani, and Igbo motto is to save Nigeria even if it means getting one million Igbo dead in the process (Nzeogwu, Ojukwu, and MASSOB-IPOB professed so, more or less).

Igbo, HausaFulani-Yoruba neo-nazism and IPOB-MASSOB 419 are humiliating and decimating us gradually!

Igbo, wake up!

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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