Igbo Youth’s Biafran Self-Deception

Nkwo Tuesday 09 Nov. 2021:
1. Muhammadu Buhari, Hausa-Fulanis or the 1999 constitution is not the reason 99% of educated Igbo youths live outside Igboland.
2. That 99% of Igbo entrepreneurs make their wealth outside Igboland cannot be traced to Yakubu Gowon or Obafemi Awolowo.
3. That no major city in Igboland has a functional water supply system cannot be because an Emir in Kano or Katsina so decreed.
4. That the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the most prominent federal institution in Igboland is the worst run first-generation university in Nigeria cannot be traced to any peculiar decision made by Aso Rock.
6. That over 50% of educated and skilled youths across Igboland are either unemployed or underemployed cannot be the making of Lord Luggard and his concubine.
7. Ndigbo must wake up. We have been deceived for way too long and the time to put an end to these emotional manipulations must stop.
8. The structure or system in Nigeria is not the reason the level of poverty in our land is now at Jigawa and Sokoto levels. It is the making of our political leaders and I would tell you how.
9. We may not like this but the truth is that Igbos are also benefitting from the dysfunctional state of things in Nigeria. Pray, if not for federal allocations, how many Igbo states can pay salaries today?
10. Are state roads in Igboland better than the ones controlled by the FG? Why are Aba roads impassable? Should Buhari or FG start building inner-city roads in Aba?
11. Do you know that Igbo politicians are about the most unconscionable thieves in Nigeria?
11b. Do you know that over 70% of government revenue in Igboland is stolen? Less than 50% is stolen in other regions. Orji Uzor Kalu, Theodore and Chinedu Orji, Okezie Ikpeazu, and several of his kinsmen from Obingwa today are billionaires while Abia cannot pay salaries, why?
12. Shall we talk about Andy Uba’s trillions? How much of the wealth did he amass while working with Obasanjo has been used to make life better for the average young man in his native Uga or Aguata?
13. How many Aguata men did he recommend for federal employment while he was one of the most powerful men in Nigeria? How many contractors from Anambra did he submit their tenders for a job? Is he not aware of how influential people from other regions empower their people while in power in Abuja?
14. How many Igbo senators can you approach easily and get their attention for something a young man from Sokoto or Kano can do with a text message? Have you tried talking to any HoR member from your place say at the airport or in a hotel lobby? Did they not make you look like a fool?
15. It is about time we began to ask questions, young men. Stop wasting your life fighting for Biafra, it will never materialize as some lunatics want you to believe. If Nigeria disintegrates, it would go back to what it was like before the 20th century when every village was a country unto itself. Can we survive that?
16. Our rage has been misdirected at the wrong people. Nigeria will pass away but ala Igbo would remain. We must begin to ask questions of those looting our resources. Why for example is Okezie Ikpeazu refusing to pay workers and pensioners? Do you know the number of people who have died because Ikpeazu refused to pay them their entitlements?
17. Has there been any month Buhari held back Abia state’s federal allocation? If a Fulani man is considerate enough to give every man what is due him, why is an Ngwa man refusing his kinsmen what is due them?
18. Why are there no viable employment opportunities for young men in Igboland? Was there a report that any government within the region brought in investors and the Sultan of Sokoto asked them to go home?
19. How about the idle claim that Igbos are different from every other tribe in Nigeria? With the bad roads? Dirty streets, roads littered with refuse heaps? Can we for once tell ourselves the hard truth that we are not better than any tribe in Nigeria, at least in terms of what is seen? Are we naturally wedded to self-deception?
20. Can we also admit that all the claims about Biafra agitation is nothing but idle noise? It is a means of self-enrichment. Ask Ralph Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu.
21. A lot of people may not know but the truth is that there also was a time many took Ralph Uwazurike seriously. Remember he also was imprisoned for “Biafra”, granted interviews, and spoke about the marginalization of the Igbos. Where is Uwazurike today?
22. Nnamdi Kanu as I have mentioned severally is a paid agent hired to destabilize the economy, social life, and politics of the Eastern region.
22b. He is “cashing out” big time for his nuisance value in the system, especially his ability to keep our people distracted while his sponsors (senior Igbo politicians) continue to keep our people impoverished.
23. We must wake up. This whole nonsense must stop.
By Dodoh Okafor

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