Afo Monday 09 November 2020:

Northern Nigerian governors, traditional rulers, and the Inspector General of Police have met behind closed doors and discussed the security challenges of their region, in relation to the happenings nationally.

Southeast Governors Forum Chairman, Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, take note. Can you see now how educated people do things?

What the northern governors just did with their own meet should be an example, if not an eye-opener, to you and your colleagues.

To recapitulate, the northern governors put heads together with their own natural rulers and chose whom to invite and how to conduct their security meet for utmost results. Their meet was terrific, graceful, and full of pageantry. Unlike yours that culminated in rascality and infighting.

We will never forget that in our own case, a while back, you and your fellow Igbo governors of southeast ensured that our own hope of forging an Igbo quorum and game plan ended in fiasco. You guys injected ego, aggrandisement, and arrogance into it, to the point that you reached an agreement with our attackers’ kinsmen in police uniform.

You kept our traditional rulers out of it all, and you disgraced Oranaeze Ndi Igbo out of your closed door meeting with the police kinsmen of our enemies. All because you wanted to show our traditional rulers that you were their bosses. And you also wanted to tell Chief Nwodo that you called the shots.

Governors Dave Umahi, Okezie Ikpeazu, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Willie Obiano, and (being that you are not any different) Hope Uzodimma, we will not forgive you for playing politics with our security, for siding with our enemies in police uniform and thereby emboldening them to keep smearing and shooting Igbo youths under all manner of flimsy pretexts.

All five of you are well educated, yet you behaved like illiterates. What is the point of being a doctor or banker or whatever else, when you are incapable of discerning or neutralizing actions or inactions that can only become a bigger problem.

You governors have plunged Igboland into more chaos and more violence because of your cockiness.

This Revolution calls on Igbo stakeholders and elite to regain charge of our states and ethnicity. We have no reason to abandon them either to our irresponsible governors or to IPOB home-grown terrorism. For both are ugly and sinister.

Elite and vested Igbo, the leadership of this great and most ancient ethnicity is in your hands first and foremost, before the leadership of Nigeria. A na esi na uno ama mma a pu ilo. Charity begins at home. You must rise up to this responsibility by ethnic discourses and actions in bars, buses, churches, offices, marketplaces, workplaces, forums, etc.

For it is out of the groundswell of our informed discussions and inclinations that the beautiful ones will be born to cater to Igbo destiny.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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