Press Release #133
Afo Wednesday 24/03/2021:

Anambra State cannot afford insecurity in Onitsha, or anywhere in the state for that matter. The primary function of state government is to keep the state safe for people to go about their businesses.

In view of the recent reports of increased insecurity in Onitsha, The Igbo Revolution urges Governor Obiano to use his good office to rally Anambra human and capital resources to nip the insecurity in the board.

This Revolution also calls on the Anambra State government, indigenes and residents to compliment the policing of Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka, and other cities and towns of the state against Fulani and local hoodlums and cultists.

The reported effort of Onitsha indigenes in floating their own city security service is highly commendable. This Revolution congratulates Nnanyi Obi Alfred Achebe on that initiative.

This Revolution also calls on other cities and towns of the state to sponsor their own security outfits to combat the dastardly activities of Fulani and local criminals and imported Yoruba cultism.

At the same time, the attention of the Igbo Revolution has been drawn to the prodigal statements of Radio Biafra and IPOB social media aspersions on the Office of the Obi of Onitsha.

We call on the people of Anambra State to rise against any attempt by the IPOB golddiggers to insult or assault either an Anambra royalty or Ndi Anambra.

IPOB is notorious for looking for non-Imo-Abians to insult and assault, even as it has never insulted or assaulted the most corrupt and sold-out Igbo leaders from its Abia and Imo States of origin. That cannot be acceptable, unless you Anambraians will rather become ndi elilu eli.

Autonomy, liberty, security, and enterprise are the non-negotiables of Anambra State.

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