Lagos Spare parts Market Massacre & Suicidal Igbo Silence

Thursday 15 July 2021:

Two days ago, four Igbo men were brutally shot dead at The Ladipo Spare parts Market by gunmen wearing Nigerian Army uniform. Eye witness accounts say they were soldiers of northern origin currently serving in the Nigerian Army!
The gun totting killers arrived with malevolent intent.
*A terse but jaundiced tale was told of an engine bought last year that didn’t serve to expectation.
*A brief snarling speech followed, accusing traders of wanting Biafra.
*Automatic rifles were brandished…
*Summary execution.
*Four men were murdered.
*Four dreams cut short!

*Four families or more plunged into tears, sorrow, anguish and pain!

*An Igbo nation once again humiliated!

And then the ever present ear shattering silence of segments of the Igbo nation!
*Igbo elite
*The good-for-nothing Southeast Sai Baba branch of Ndi ishi komkom, and the other motely crowd that says they are against injustice, support Biafra but don’t like “the way Nnamdi Kanu is going about that Biafra of a thing,”
And then lastly…
*Efulefus of all walks of life.

Which one una dey now?
Why miss the opportunity to arise and lead the way in advocacy for your maltreated, harrased, dehumanized and slaughtered people!
Stand and be heard!
*Four young men lie stone cold dead in some morgue in Lagos this instant. Killed for nothing They may have even despised all things Igbo. But that didn’t matter to their killers. They were guilty of being Igbos/Biafrans.
They deserved to die!
Efulefus and others who desire our subjugation or demise will blame them for their own deaths!
And we pretend we could ever build a country and stand in brotherhood with these assailants, their backers and protectors?
This is no isolated case. This is the lot of Igbos in Nigeria…
So how many deaths will it take before we know that too many Igbos have died?
My heart is 💔 😥😭

By Chetam Obilo

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