Afo Monday 07 December 2020:

Leave Governor Ezenwo Wike and Rivers State people alone. They at least have a right to their state. Can Rivers men dictate what goes on in Abia State or in Imo State, or in any other state for that matter? The answer is a capital NO! So why then are some Igbo from other states trying to determine the tempo in Rivers State?

Our twin heritage of Omenani and Christian lores insist that we must do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Rivers State comprises of others and Igbo. And that must be respected unconditionally. The Igbo Revolution calls on Ndi Igbo ji bili to denounce IPOB’s inroad into the duly-constituted state government of the Rivers peoples.

Aka Ndi mba mmili di ocha: The Rivers people are enmeshed in the recent IPOB/Wike controversy with clean hands. They have neither invaded Imo or Abia States. So why are such other states invading them under the pretexts of IPOB and pan-Igboism?

Governor Wike’s predecessor and other Rivers notables made it crystal clear to Igbo States governors and notables, such as Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, that they were 100% in support of the measure their governor took to counter IPOB’s threats. Again, most recently, vested Rivers people reiterated their unalloyed support for their governor on the issue.

Onye nwe nkita jide nkita ya aka. To rebuff a trespass is chivalry rather than crime. You cannot on the pretext that we all are the same people ride roughshod against protestations.

We are Igbo but you cannot impose your frudulence, truancy, or indiscipline on me. It’s incumbent on me to resist you.

Ndi Igbo, there is absolutely no reason for the IPOB-MASSOB rabblerousing that has been going on in Igboland for more than twenty years now. Either dispel it right now or tell me one thing it has attained in twenty years.

Ralph Uwazurike of Imo State became a free, respected, and propertied millionaire through it, after getting thousands of Igbo to either lose their lives or freedom. Nnamdi Kanu has been conning Igbo of millions of naira since 2013 to the same purpose. He does photo ups with every white man he sees; him and his group then lie to their followers that the white man is Israeli, French, Scandinavian, American Ambassador.

He does photoshops of himself with President Donald Trump in US Oval Office. Or a photoshop of him addressing the United Nations, upon which his artisan and trader followers give praise to God that UN will order Nigeria to let Biafra go this year.

Ndi Igbo, ka anyi wepunu aka enwe na ofe maka na o di ka aka mmadu. Anyi na eme onwe anyi. IPOB has already destroyed the coming around of our neighbors to us in empathy. You don’t pretend within the family that your criminal brother isn’t criminal. You acknowledge that he is a criminal and either force him to respect himself or you fetter him.

Leash IPOB now as we enter a new year for Igbo political conscientization to proceed in earnest.

We are united. Any who pretends to unite us further is like an avaricious pastor who arrogates closeness to God to himself in order to rob us.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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