Press Release #240
Eke Thursday 14 January 2021:

Rising from our meeting yesterday in Awka, This Revolution calls on the brand-new Professor George Obiozor Oranaeze Ndi Igbo to start taking and getting the following immediate safety steps out of its way to position itself clearly, early, and better to tackle its backlog:

1) In addition to having decided that henceforth Ohanaeze elections should be held in the state, whose turn it is to produce the next President-General, it must also be decided that Park Avenue (or such Igbo name as the secretariat’s street may be renamed or bear in future), Enugu remains the secretariat of Oranaeze Ndi Igbo. This is all-important because a clandestine push is already in motion by Owerri malcontents to eventually move Oranaeze headquarters from Enugu to Owerri. Igbo must resist these malcontents, who take a mile for every inch they receive.

2) Oranaeze should immediately dissolve/ban/distance itself from such shadow boxers as Ohanaeze youths or women wing. Oranaeze Ndi Igbo is Oranaeze Ndi Igbo, period. Youths and women who so wish must humble themselves to aspire to Ohanaeze’s highest office, as it’s offices are without age or gender discrimination. To condone youth, women, or whatever wings is to pamper palace anarchism and rebellion.

3) And, talking of discrimination, Oranaeze should immediately redress its only and eminently-shameful discrimination. Frontier Igbo (such as Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Benue, Edo, and even Equatorial Guinea Igbo) must be allowed to contest for President-General of Oranaeze. Indeed, The Igbo Revolution calls on all Igbo to pressure our Oranaeze to adopt such a resolution immediately, and to also enforce it by zoning the next Oranaeze President-General to Delta State before Abia State; and the following to Rivers State before Anambra State.

Igbo bu Igbo. No Igbo is more Igbo than the other. This Revolution believes that we are missing out on the unique experiences of the so-called borderline Igbo; that hinterland Igbo amaro ife a na ako since Igbo no na uzo are the ones that bear the brunt of Igbo attacks and are our first line of defence; and guess what? That they are miles more Igbo patriotic.

Long live Oranaeze Ndi Igbo.

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