Nkwo Friday 05 Nov. 2021:
Yesterday on a Facebook live discussion with Osita Chidoka, Senator Abaribe said many things. He said the IPOB copied the self-mutilating sit-at-home scheme from the Ambazonian rebels.
He said sitting at home has damaged Ambazonia beyond repair, as the Cameroonian govt simply left the region to sit at home and rot.
He warned that traders that come from far and near to buy from Onitsha, Aba and Nnewi markets have started seeking alternative markets. He said that when IPOB eventually return to their senses those markets could already have been destroyed permanently because traders that have discovered other places will not return.
Indeed our politicians know the truth. But often they choose half truths for political expediency. The fishbone is stuck in the throat now. And those who have for years supported self-destructive tomfoolery are now gasping for breath.
Abaribe is now advising the IPOB to partake in partisan politics, so that they can have their own players on the pitch. He wondered how anyone can score goals when he is watching a match and making noise from outside the stadium. If Igbo elites started speaking out early we would have saved 8 of the 9 stitches we must now make. This was what we said and were branded Otellectuals.
Abaribe and company are now otellectualizing. Even though we know many folks speak with both sides of their mouth and tomorrow they will contradict themselves, we are still happy.
We are happy they know Ambazonia has been decimated. Chukwuokikeabiama, we thank you.
Me: When papa deceive pikin what do you expect?
By Dr. Ugo Egbujo

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