Nkwo, Tue. Aug. 27, 2019:

Both men, I make bold to say, have a lot of things in common. The former was the first president of Igbo State Union, while the latter is the current President-General of the apex Igbo socio/cultural organization known as Oraneze.

But their similarity goes beyond that. Nnia Nwodo, just like Nna anyi Azikiwe, is a quintessential leader. The latter was our greatest benefactor ever and what this self-made man did for the Igbos, I don’t want to talk of Nigeria, Africa or the Black world, nobody even the unborn generation can achieve one tenth of it. Both men gather their subjects like how a hen gathers her brood.

Now what will surprise not a few that have milk of human kindness flowing in them is that they are being paid with a bad coin by no other people than Igbo people themselves! Yes our people feel we are getting it right when we treat our benefactor with disdain. In fact, it is heartrendering after doing quantum sacrifice only to be splashed with mud as a salute.

Our people, no matter how illiterate they are or how young, erroneously feel irie when they treat our all-time greats snobbishly. It gives them this feeling that they are a radical, wise, and no-nonsense lot!

Now, the lattest is that Nnia Nwodo is being accused of colluding with the Fulani herdsmen to massacre the Igbos. His accusers tag him a Fulani stooge. In fact, they are insisting that he has sold the Igbo.

Now, let us take a second look at the people making this wild allegations. They are mainly youths who have no resumes, scammers, credit card thieves, internet fraudsters, dish washers and what have you. A typical case of the pot calling a majorlica black!

You see, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. What is happening now to Dr. Nnia Nwodo, also happened to Right Honorable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

This indefatigable worker in the vineyard brought us independence. And we felt that the best way to say THANK YOU is slay him through a coup.

Miraculously, he cheated death. He put everything behind him and worked assiduously to assuage frayed nerves. But when he realized that his life was in total danger he beat it. Biafra wobbled and fumbled so much so that at a time, he could not take it any longer because kwashiokor was taking a toll on Biafran children.

Immediately, he met with President Tolbert of Liberia and his Nigerian counterpart Yakubu Gowon in Monrovia, the Biafran government that was struggling to survive went haywire, that ZIK HAS SOLD BIAFRA!

Immediately, mock coffins of Zik were made and distributed through out Biafra land and funeral was conducted for him. ZIK ONA RAAAA, rent the air. Abomination!

However, after the war, during the Second Republic, the great Zik reminded one of his party’s Governors, Sam Mbakwe of Imo State, that he was the person that led the Owerri procession of ZIK ONA RAAAA. He acquiesced but attributed it to ignorance and entreated the sage to forgive him!

What a vacous claim! Zik sold Igbo people and now Nwodo has sold Igbo people! And if I may ask, ‘for how much?’. None of these lay-abouts who are peddling this falsehoods can tell. This is how morally bankrupt we have chosen to be.

It is quite unfortunate that the people we suppose to place on pedestal, are the very persons these Biafran apologists are hounding.

The Igbos in Germany have lost a golden opportunity to brainstorm with our brass hats on how to move forward as a people. They wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth and learn one or two things and proffer solutions where necessary. Even though it was tagged New Yam celebration, it was never meant to be a jamboree.

But that golden opportunity was frittered away! Maybe by sheer instinct, Dr. Nnia Nwodo declined to attend and Dr. Ekweremadu that honoured that event escaped death by whiskers.

Sequel to that show of shame was the taunt of The Igbo Revolution. They have challenged IPOB to take their bravado beyond the shores of Igbo land. And as a face-saving gesture, they have taken up the gauntlet. They have taken it upon themselves to block president Buhari in Japan and mete out to him the exact shock treatment Dr. Ekweremadu received in their hands recently in Germany.

And as I write Buhari has departed Nigeria to Nippon, as we await this interesting showdow. As it stands, Mohammed Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu are staring at each other eyeball to eyeball and let us see who is going to blink first!

Pundits should not expect to see anything spectacular, or else they will be disappointed terribly. Will IPOB lose their bottle? Your guess is as good as mine.

A motley crowd of Ibilibi People of Biafra, IPOB for short, will converge in Nippon. This is what we shall be entertained with. They will engage in a peaceful protest, carrying placards and conducting themselves in most orderly manner. While the president will hardly notice their presence. Cowards!

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution


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