Afo, Thu. Mar. 26, 2020:

Everything that has an advantage must have a disadvantage, too. And this pandemic called Corona-virus that is ravaging among mankind is no exception.

On the face value, one might find it unbelievable that some dividends are accruable from this deadly sickness.

But if you are introspective, you will discover that there are inherent lessons to be learned therein. That Nature has sundry ways of correcting mankind!

Countries imbibe different lessons, USA for instance knows now that chloroquine is not useless after all, etc.

But on the other hand, Nigerians now know their pastors and Imams better. These Men of God use to predict the future: How come now they did not see this calamity, they reasoned?

Mbaka could see Hope in Imo State, for e.g., but cannot sight the coming of this crucial Corona-virus!

And our president has been lavishing tax payers money on medical trip abroad and this has stopped abruptly!

This global ailment has made all and sundry to take the habit of personal hygiene very seriously. People now resort to washing of hands regularly and the use of sanitizers often.

This sickness is one great leveller. It ravages both the rich and the poor. And it is more widespread in advanced countries than in developing ones. So there is no hiding place for those at the corridors of power!

This Corvid-19 has made us, in deed, to go back to the drawing board. The Anambra State govt. has issued an edict that thenceforth, bikes should take only one passenger, tri-cyclist, two passengers and taxi, three passengers. Unlike before when these commuters pack people like sadine!

Moreover, our govt. officials who stole our money and used same to send their wards to study abroad are now having second thought.

Finally, people are staying in-doors now reminiscing instead of living the life of debunchery in drinking spots.

So from the foregoing it is evident that this fast spreading disease has its merits after all. It is not a lose, lose situation.

But lest I forget, this health hazard started from China and people have started imputing meaning into it. Once again the age-long Yellow Peril has reared its ugly head again. But I make bold to say that these fears are unfounded!

Ebola started from Liberia and now this corvid-19 started from China. Let us stop making mountain out of a molehill. Nature makes it that sicknesses come and go. Therefore, let us stop getting ideas and just take adequate measures not to get contaminated. That is all!

This quargmire we found ourselves in has afforded us the opportunity to be aware that some individuals are indeed their brother’s keepers.

Despite the fact that some doctors and nurses have contacted this disease in the course of their duty, yet a sizeable number of them that are retired, volunteered for fresh vocation, free of charge in United States of America. This is very commendable.

Also some public spirited individuals all over the world are doing very well in the area of philanthropy. The lawn tennis wizard, Roger Federer gave Switzerland a princely sum to fight the scourge. And our own Atiku Abubakar donated #50 million for the same course. May God bless them!

Now, if it is sickness that will mandate us to do the needful, let it be. In our vicinity here, apart from personal hygiene, we litter our surroundings like bushmen, and noise pollution is another bomb waiting to explode.

Apparently, we are going to get it right only when we are confronted with hazards. That is the only thing that ginger us into action!

The religious outfits we have in this country would never allow us to have rest of mind. Their loudspeakers are blaring morning, afternoon and night. And the govt is treating them with kid gloves.

So the measures we put in place because of Corvid-19 have shown that we can live like human beings at all if we like.

My take is that religion is the worst hit by this menace. The govt has mandated them to close shop. And they are not finding it funny. Because the implication of this is that, there will be no more collection of tithe. As a result, they will take none of that!

But the light breeze has exposed the romp of the fowl. These religious outfits have nothing up their sleeve, nothing at all to offer. This scourge has made them to look ordinary. In that, after all said and done, anybody who still holds them in high esteem is a monumental fool!

Chudi Okudo

The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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