Afo Friday 05 February 2021:

We are angry today because we are increasingly getting flogged, extorted, tortured, imprisoned, liquidated, slaughtered, and even overrun in our Igbo homeland.

It is important that we get it straight within ourselves that we are not angry and wanting our Republic of Biafra back because we a marginalized out of governance.

I say this because our marginalization returned with the advent of the Buhari/Idiagbon regime, but we were not bordered until now because the Hausa-Fulani and Yoruba power brokers had not finished their Phase 1 of our re-marginalization to go on to their Phase 2 that is ongoing now.

HausaFulani and Yoruba Phase 1 of Igbo marginalization (or Igbo destruction) is to remove Igbo completely out of the scheme of things. And their Phase 2 is to economically strangulate us.

Phase 1 ensures that we are neither in governance nor in public sector, and that we are neither progressing in education nor in diplomacy. Phase 2 then mops us up by zeroing in on our private enterprises to dissolve, frustrate, or regulate them either by legislation or by fiat.

A few of us who tried throughout the 1990s to raise the awareness against the return of our marginalization (our second destruction, really) were snubbed and ridiculed by the same people who now motivate adolescents to sacrifice their lives and liberties in vain because a couple of golddiggers and deadbeats incite them to agitate.

For 21 years now, our gullible kids alone are filling up HausaFulani-Yoruba prisons and are being slaughtered, and on top of that ethnic humiliation, we are boasting of heading back to Ojukwu’s Biafra slaughterhouse!

Are we sane at all? Our belated reaction to our adversity is similar to somebody committing suicide (rather than fighting back) because his neighbors ganged up against him.

In the history of this country, no ethnicity ever got a redress by getting slaughtered.

1) In 1962, the Fulanis got a Yoruba command to slaughter 3,000 agitating Tivs of the middlebelt and nothing happened. The Tivs licked their wounds.

2) In 1963, the Fulanis got the Yorubas to eliminate and massacre themselves; the Fulanis also imprisoned Obafemi Awolowo the Yoruba leader, and heavens did not fall. The Yorubas licked their wounds.

3) In 1966, it was Fulani turn. Igbo and Yoruba army officers wiped out Fulani leadership. Fulanis licked their wounds briefly until the rump of their leadership incited their youths to single Igbo out for a massive retaliation.

4) From then on it swiftly became our turn under our own leadership, General Aguiyi-Ironsi (January-July 1966)!

Rather than our youths and their educated or traveled motivators to listen to Governor Odumegwu Ojukwu’s predecessors (Zik and Okpara), who insisted that we must not secede because we would not succeed and because the outcome would be Armageddon, they ginned up the Igbo groundswell that emboldened Ojukwu to secede us as Biafra.

As in 1966, the rest of Nigeria is waiting and praying again for another opportunity to be led by Fulani back into Igboland to massacre, rape, loot, and ravage us again.

If we let our youths to enthroned their IPOB-MASSOB vigilantism that is no march at all to the biggest (as well as the most internationally supported) black/African military in the world, no ethnicity in this country will sympathize with us. They will all gladly converge to massacre and loot us for a break from Fulani terror.

IPOB is not even doing anything about getting us any Biafra, as we are deluded. It is now eight years of their propoganda with no shishi to show for it, other than Atiku is Camerounian, Buhari is dead, Aisha has a boyfriend, drag every Igbo politician on IV (drip) in foreign hospitals out and lynch them, kill Nwodo, kill Ekweremadu, Zik is an idiot, Cardinal Arinze is a fool, Edwin-Clarke is an idiot, Governor Obiano’s family should be wiped out, Governor Nwike should be killed, Ohanaeze bu ndi oshi, FFK (Femi Fani-kayode who disgraced IPOB’s hero Ojukwu’s widow) and Fayose are heroes, and such nonsense to pass for freedom fighting.

By befriending non-easterners and castigating easterners, IPOB’s argument invariably is that the HausaFulanis and Yorubas are not to blame for our marginalization because their governments have been fair to us and giving us our rightful shares. A fat lie.

The reverse implication of IPOB’s argument is that Igbo politicians and Ohanaeze have been embezzling the fair shares the federal governments have been giving us! Another fat lie. In other words, Buhari loves us to appoint us as security chiefs, etc., but Ohanaeze and our politicians hate us and told him not to. Ridiculous.

The plain truth is that our heads aren’t screwed on right any longer. We are now raving maniacs (old and young, educated and illiterate alike). Even till today, you hear Ndi Igbo saying that we do not need power, government appointments, public employments and representations, or our rightful quota in the scheme of things; that all we need is for any non-lgbo who occupy those slots to provide a level playing field for us to thrive with our hustles.

Is that not stupid talk? Is it not downright stupid to let your fellow contestants’ men to referee the contest? Or are we still in denial that a contest of majority ethnicities have not been going on since the colonial period?

We by our complacency, denial, negligence, and waywardness are the architects of our own marginalization. And we by the same token will give our marginalizers another good reason to march back into our land to annihilate it all over again.

The solution to our marginalization is to politick. Referendum or war is not even an option. Only the mentally challenged are incapable of dialectical reasoning and war of wits. If you are educated, traveled, and responsible as you claim, you must be able to analyze your predicament to arrive at a solution with the least coleteral damage to yourself, home, and loved ones. That of course is what folks world over do.

I made my decision that I will rather castigate and smear my HausaFulani and Yoruba-Edo smearers back now than value their rapport today and be at their mercy (or end up as their captive) tomorrow, as between 1966 and 1979 .

Our solution is to denounce HausaFulanis and not spare the Yorubas, who are equally bad.

Our solution is also to shut down the IPOB-MASSOB witchhunting that will speed up our destruction, and to start immediately to galvanize our ethnicity and fellow easterners against HausaFulanis and Yorubas (the twin evils that are our bane).

If Ndi Igbo abroad and educated and traveled Igbo at home weputa iru fa ji anyu nsi against Yoruba-Edo elites and press that are the southern fifth column for the Hausa-Fulani, our troubles will be over.

Yorubas smear and scandalize only everything and everybody Igbo, why then do we still help them to promote their churches, music, and celebrities? To hell with that. Smear and scandalize them back to feel the heat from HausaFulanis and minorities, too.

HausaFulanis profile only Igbo to kill or behead (when they aren’t massacering everybody). To hell with that, let your dealings with them only be businesslike. And go ahead and slaughter them, their children and women, whenever they do so to you. The vicious give up only when they get hurt.

Our solution is to cease to turn the other cheek. Our solution is to begin to payback. Our solution is ethnic (Igbo) patriotism that will smear and scandalize Yorubas and HausaFulanis back in their own eyes, and in the eyes of the minorities.

Our solution is to be too proud to tolerate HausaFulani humiliation any more. Our solution is to be strong, united, and armed to the teeth under our elders; and ready to use our weapons against the HausaFulani ethnic cleansers.

For when we do those, our elders will either be emboldened to chest out or a new crop of elders will emerge with courage and a chip on their shoulder.

Igbo ga adi ka echi, maka na echi adiro ako na igwe.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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