Afor Thu. 27 Jan. 2022:
Ndi Anambra State, those who chased you out of their states at one time or the other have followed you home to destroy your state.
It’s really up to you either to support them to destroy your state or to categorically rally behind your state government and institutions to maintain law and order, and to continue to thrive.
As they let you know in their own Igbo states that you can’t come from Anambra to discuss how things should be done in Imo, Abia, Enugu, or Ebonyi, you, too, must let them know that they cannot come from those other Igbo states to dictate what happens in your state.
Your failure to send that message from the start is the reason why they are raging with all manner of ploys to take over your state and destroy it.
Tell me any of you that has ever told their states what to do? But would you even dare without looking to make it out alive!
And it doesn’t matter how highly placed they are individually. A good example of high-profile Anambraphobia was exhibited in 2018, when the Government of Ebonyi State, headed by David Umahi, interpreted the renaming of Abakiliki Road in Awka to Club Street as another proof of Anambra contempt for Ebonyi people!
Can you see the effrontery of a sister state scandalizing another over another’s civic affair? It is even worse than that.
Ndi Anambra, gbaanu akpu aka unu mmili. If you fail to man up in your own state as a host, then residents and visitors will man up against you. And trust me, should you let that happen, it is not only over for you, it is over for your offspring.
He who is able to build must likewise be able to secure and sustain what he builds. Woe betide him if he is able to do one but not the other. He will be at the mercy of a bully. He will always be working hard for a bully. O ga akwocha aka tielu okuko aku. He will always slave for others.
Ndi Anambra, organize and galvanize your state yourselves, like your fellow Igbo do in their own states, where you are residents and visitors, where fa nyelu unu oche unu dono ani mechie onu.
Igbo is united; anybody doubling down on Igbo unity to you is fronting it for either his ulterior or clannish motive. The same fake Igbo patriots detest APGA (the only Igbo political party) and would not give it a chance in their Igbo states. Why, since they obsess over Igbo unity?
Anambra youths and elite, welunu ile unu guanu eze unu onu. Is it a curse that you cannot solve your own problems by yourselves at anytime. Must you invite or have other Igbo people badge into your state to butcher and gun you down in the name of either taking care of robbery or promising you restructuring or Biafra?
Buying and selling is your mainstay, but that mainstay may soon desert you to Delta and Yoruba States, the longer you support the Imo-Abia MASSOB-IPOB 23-year-old Biafra-restoration 419 that has not achieved a single thing in all of Igboland.
A fraudulent agitation tagolu isi thousands of Ndi Igbo since 1999. An advance-fee-fraud agitation melu ka a na agba Igbo ka nta. A clannish agitation that further forces Igbo to enrich other Nigerians and congest the Nigerian prisons.
Ndi Anambra, before you know it Onitsha and Nnewi markets will be gone forever, and you and your children will start begging nyem mmiri across the Niger and Benue. Dissociate yourselves from this trending mess before it is too late. And, support your governments and institutions as they have always delivered.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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