Nkwo, Mon. Mar. 23, 2020:

I wonder why we Nigerians are not applauding and offering words of encouragement to our own John Obi Mikel for taking such bold steps of walking away from his club, damming all the consequences of loosing all his benefits for the sake of his families amidst the corona virus pandemic.

In some climes, Mikel Obi should be the talk of the town in all the national dailies now. But as usual, Nigerians do not value their own.

If it were to be a foreign player that is facing what Mikel facing now, a lot of outcry and solidarity messages, hashtags would be flying up and down.

One would have expected the NFA and the entire Nigerian players to be on the forefront to rally around him on this, by offering him words of encouragement and supports. But it’s a shame that no communique whatsoever have been issued from any of these people; at least none that I am currently aware of.

In fact, it was Didier Drogba that was the first African player to put a call through to him according to Mikel’s interview.

This was a guy who singlehandedly paid for the hotel bills of the Super Eagle team during the last World Cup preparation when the NFA couldn’t turn up on time.

Dear Mikel Obi, for putting your family and health first in the midst of this controversy, you have truly demonstrated that you are a true son of the soil.

And you will forever earn my respect for taking that lone stand.

By Nnamani Onyekachy

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