The Igbo Revolution
Press Release #149
Nkwo Tuesday 25 May 2021:

Indigenous Nigerian ethnic nations, stop praying and waiting for another opportunity to to massacre and loot your fellow indigenous nation (Ndi Igbo), like you did for five years (1966-1970). For no matter the foolhardiness of IPOB and Okpara and Ojukwu followers, that windfall ain’t gonna repeat itself for you.

We Ndi Igbo will never again give you another reason to rally around Fulani aliens to massacre and loot us again. Shameless fellow indigenes.

Indigenous Nigerians, do something worthwhile for once with your lives! Stop complaining! Stop crying like fools! Take back your country now! Rise as the owners of this polity and chase Fulanis out of your power and your land!

And also, stop looking up to the white nations to fight Fulani for you; for neither another man nor God will do for you what you can do for yourselves. Rise as one now, wherever you are, to denounce Buhari and his Fulani nepotism until you have hounded him and his fellow Fulanis out of your power.

Liberate yourselves from Fulani now.

You did not liberate yourselves from British colonialism only to submit to worse colonialism, which is stone-age Fulani colonialism.

What is wrong with you? Are you well at all? How can an alien ethnicity that cannot boast of a modicum of technology, turn around to use your own technology and armory to defeat and colonize you? Where and to whom can you tell that sort of idiotic tragedy?

Who liberated you from Britain? Was it Fulani? Hell no! You did it yourselves.

If you could liberate yourselves from Great Britain, a world power, why can’t you repeat the same feat by liberating yourselves from inconsequential Fulani? Or is Zik the only Nigerian who could save?

If it does not take Zik to save, then go ahead and save yourselves now before complete darkness envelopes your descendants.

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