Eke Friday 1 Oct. 2021:
Anambra youths, you will gain absolutely nothing from burning down your state and terrorizing ndibeunu; you will rather lose everything in the end. And, if Igbo from other states are responsible for the ongoing carnage na be unu, rebuke and stop them by all means; for they have no right whatsoever to unsettle your state.
You may receive a good or a small amount of money or promise now to disrupt your state, but you will lose all you gain now and much more before you know it.
If you live to raise a family, or if you already have a family, you will soon try to teach your own children how to cool down and make progress, but (like you do now to those who are older than you) they, too, will not listen to you, because they have taken after you; it will then be your turn to helplessly watch yet another unwarranted carnage unfold upon your loved ones.
To support the disruption of your state is not ike dike, for after you have succeeded, your acquaintances (who wisely led you not to disrupt their own states) will now nye gi oche gi na ezinauno gi ga e ji dono ani. You will gnash your teeth in regret and whine ‘o bu etua ka uwa di,’ as your former comrades abuse your own children and invade your own inheritance.
Ozoemana Nsugbe sii na onye gbulu nwanne ya aburo odogwu.
6 million frail, mostly-illiterate, hungry, and unsophisticated Fulani not only outpolitick you, but also butcher and rape you everywhere in Nigeria, and all that 35 million of your kind can do is to butcher your own brothers for what the rag-tag Fulani aliens are doing to you.
Tufiakwa! Ifele megbue unu na Ndi Igbo ibeunu. Unu enwero isi. Unu dikwu ibilibi. Fulani na akpu unu alulu ani despite your academic degrees and millions of money.
Common i dono ana tuo elo, nyia unu ka mamili nyilu okuku. The Bible you believe in says, ‘Reason together,’ yet you won’t because you hate to be reasonable.
Ndi Anambra, if you are stupid enough to let non-indigenes of Anambra State to stop your election by all means, then you do not deserve your children and descendants.
In 2017 Nnamdi Kanu did all in his power to stop your election, but he failed woefully in the end. The reason he sold to you then was that “Biafra actualization will start with stopping Anambra election.”
At the end of 2019, Imo election came around, and the same Nnamdi Kanu kept advising caution and the gubernatorial choice of his Imo-Abia zone. He did not mention the actualization of Biafra with the lmo election for once.
It is again your election, Ndi Anambra, and again your fellow members of IPOB (who, by the way, ensured that the gubernatorial elections of their own Igbo states went through) are fighting tooth and nail to stop yours, and to completely cause a breakdown of law and order for your loved ones in your own state.
Ndi Anambra, onye nzuzu bu onye ‘eriri eri’. Ndi Anambra, nkeanyi bu nkeanyi, nkem bu nkem; malu nu anya alolualo na nke e nelu e ne! Nigerian occupation forces will savage and starve you and your own loved ones alone as a consequence if you let your ‘friends’ have their way in your own state; by which time your so-called comrades shall have since returned to the security of their own Igbo states.
Anambra governorship election must hold by all means!
By Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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