Nkwo Tuesday 22 June 2021:

We can’t be building bridges and destroying them at the same time.

You can’t tell me that you want peace, but your words and actions are depicting that of a warmonger.

We said we want a United Igbo land. We claim that we want to reunite the entire Igbo People. Yet we’re are still using our words to divide the people.

Zeddicus Zul Zorander of the Legend of the seeker said “the greatest harms are done by the best intentions”.

Some of us have allowed our sentiments to dictate our words and actions, thereby; doing more harm than good.

I was telling a few brothers the actual origin of Biafra, how it has nothing to do with the Igbo. One of them asked me where I’m from. I told him I’m from Ndoki. He said “Ndoki, Ndi Rivers. No wonder. Ndị sabo”.

I was shocked. Because that was the first time I was hearing that Ndoki people are sabo.

If we continue like this, soon every Igbo man will be “sabo”, and we’ll return to square one.

Bikonụ, let’s stop all these pointing of accusing fingers in different directions.

No Igbo tribe is a tribe of saints. Everyone have their flaws. Let’s forget about past differences and wrongs. Let’s start afresh.

Even blood brothers fight. But they don’t hand each other over to enemies to destroy. They still have each other’s back against an external threat.

Let’s do away with the sabo mentality.

Let’s stop the blame game

Let’s stop thinking with our heart. Let’s not allow emotions to speak for us.

By Nwachukwu Jephter Nworgu

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