Eke Tue. 16 Nov. 2021:
The aforementioned, who was a politician, a journalist, scholar, educationist, freedom fighter, statesman, nationalist, philanthropist, etc has his posthumous birthday today and needs no introduction to the Nigerian populace.
For there has not been an achiever so versatile like Zik since the creation of Adam. But this gentle giant has Achilles heelsĀ in that where he hailed from, which is the Igbo ethnic stock, has a lot of bonce heads amidst its fold.
However, this minus did not take the shine off the sage especially within the literati cycle. Anambra state where he came from has taken the lead in declaring November 16th of every year as a holiday.
And there is hope on the horizon that within a very short time that other states and the Federal govt itself would take a cue.
There is no recognition we shall accord this legend that would be too much for he had already etched his name in gold. For Zik lived, Zik lives and Zik will live forever!
Chudi Okudo

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