Oye Monday 11 January 2021:

The Igbo Revolution has its misgivings against Professor George Obiozor as the new President-General of Oranaeze Ndi Igbo. All the same, with ogbanegede of iti and nkwu enu, we toast the emergence of the accomplished septuagenarian, academic, and ambassador as our new President-General.

Ambassador George Obiozor needs no introduction. His intimidating accomplishments more than introduce him to the world. However, This Revolution fears that he is not the right man for an ethnic job; for whether we admit it or not, the socio-political mandate of President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo is an ethnic-cum-regional responsibility that must be discharged with an ethnic bias. It has no more to do with the betterment of Nigeria than with the betterment of Ndi Igbo and eastern cognates.

And that begs the question: Can a long-standing, highly-successful, and consummate federal apostle switch to also become an ethnic apostle? Highly unlikely, especially knowing the jolly-good Professor.

This Revolution will not kid itself that our marginalization by the Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba coalition will be solved by diplomacy. Yes, Dr. Obiozor is a diplomat par excellence, but he also (in the discharge of his duties) was a hireling of Yoruba and HausaFulani leaders in all manner of capacities. How he will suddenly transfigure at 78 to stand up to his former bosses is not at all tenable. This Revolution predicts straight up that he cannot. And right there lies the rub!

In any event, otutu okwu adiro na uka mgbede. The Igbo Revolution hereby urges our new PG not to tread the path of the Professor Ben Nwabueze-led millenial Oranaeze. That regime went on our behalf to welcome President Olusegun Obasanjo to office, and by the time it finished each of its opening address with “Your Excellency, sir”, it and us were worth nothing any more in the eyes of that portly tin god. Who does that as dove to hawks and survives?

What followed were history: Obasanjo 1) dissed Ohanaeze as a toothless chiwawa he could kick out of space, 2) branded our governors as felons, because they rose in defence of MASSOB, 3)and razed neighboring Odi to the ground with his HausaFulani-Yoruba nazi forces.

Mien and stance are everything, and although Chief Nnia Nwodo administration did not have much of them, Professor Obiozor administration must put them on to achieve anything for Igbo in this nazi country.

Igbo di Chineke na aka

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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