Nkwor Tue. 01 Feb. 2022:
Of all Nigerians, only Ndi Igbo are ready to behead their leadership and demolish their land and lives to redress their marginalization.
No other ethnicity in this stupid country did or does that.
If that is Igbo wisdom? Kudos to us! If that is the stupidity of all other Nigerian ethnicities? Well, they prefer not to kill themselves and do not admire Igbo for that. Instead, they cringe that a people could be so callous and suicidal without recourse.
When Hausa-Fulanis sensed marginalization in 1966, they massacred Igbo. When Yorubas sensed marginalization in 1983, they sponsored the Buhari/Idiagbon and Babangida/Aikhomu coups to topple Igbo vice presidencies. And when Igbo felt marginalization as from 2015, they witch-hunt and clam up!
What a people!
On the one hand, Yoruba and Hausa-Fulani elites preserve every inch of their developments since the pre-colonial times to attract more employment to their peoples, and more development to their regions.
On the other hand, Igbo elite has always supported the destruction of Igboland since pre-colonial times.
I won’t go into details here as the brevity of this writing may encourage the readership. But suffice it to say that:
1) Without tacit Igbo support, the Arochukwu and Igwekala Oracles of today’s Imo-Abia States couldn’t have sold almost half of all the west Africans ever sold into trans-Atlantic slavery; and that half was today’s eastern Nigerians and cognates, but predominantly Igbo.
2) As other Nigerians politicked to parry British indirect rule, we lashed out with Aba Women’s Riot and Enugu Coal Riot to our own self-flagellation alone.
3) As Zik brought order and gentrified Igbo to the envy of every other Nigerian, here came Premier M. I. Okpara. Dr. M. I. Okpara needn’t be an activist premier but he chose to cry more than the bereaved Yorubas by antagonizing our Hausa-Fulani partner-in-power more than its Yoruba victim was doing. Thus he bought over the trouble from Yoruba to Igbo.
4) By virtue of Premier Okpara’s youthfulness, his fellow youths (such as Ifeajuna, Nzeogwu, and Ojukwu) followed his lead to invariably accuse Zik of being anti-Yoruba and to fight for the Yorubas. And that was the genesis of our so-called bridge across the Niger that M.I. Okpara sentenced us to labor for singlehandedly to this day!
5) Our latest trend is Sit-at-home every Monday and any other day. The other week, we sat at home for four days. And the defense of callous and wicked proponents of it was that we survived COVID-19 lockdown, so why not this other sacrifice, too.
Those proponents are either abroad going about their businesses or they receive wire transfers on a sure basis for sustenance.
Igbo is always solely responsible for Igbo marginalization and destruction. We became marginalized because we were apolitical and wayward as a federating majority.
Now, rather than jell as a bloc to reason our way out of our predicament, we rally with nzogbu nzogbu politics that doesn’t even work at any level anywhere in life.
Mainland Igbo, cheenu echiche ka mmadu. It is perfectly all right at this stage for Igbo states to join Igbo frontiers, such as the Delta State. As they realize individually the futility of our trending entropy, Igbo States should renounce entropy categorically and arrest its enthusiasts.
The only winners of this 23-year-old misbegotten agitation are Ralph Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu (and their lieutenants). Soon, it will be a silver jubilee of agitation with nothing at all to show for it other than entropy, carnage, and incarcerations.
Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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