Nkwo Thursday 10 June 2021:

For the umpteenth time, I say I have not resigned my position as the Teacher of that avant garde organization called The Igbo Revolution.

What actually transpired was that I called it quits with writing articles on political matters, even though I will be making political comments as often as I can.

I have resolved within me to partially jettison Politics and face Religion squarely. For a lot of things are amiss in that area of human endeavor.

For I don’t want to overstay my welcome in the sphere of Politics. My fear that this directionless agitation can put my people in harm’s way is now unfounded.

For it has dawned on the people of South-east now that Benue is not leaving the Federation with them. Neither is the South-south going to be relied upon.

It is now apparent that these two neighbors don’t want anything to do with Biafra. Consequently the republic the five Igbo states, as it were, are clamouring for would be land locked.

So all these assurances Nnamdi Kanu has been feeding them have come to naughts. For it was all stratagem, a scam, a fleeting illusion that can be pursued but never attained.

And to buttress that it is really all over, Northern Elders Forum rose from their meeting the other day and issued a communique. And it reads, the South-east can go so as to avoid another civil war.

When the self-acclaimed Igbo champion got wind of this position, he started fidgeting. Hear him, I won’t go with South-south!

See me, see trouble. The Niger-delta people are hellbent that you should go your separate way and you are insisting that you must go in compound form.

This is exactly how a people who places no premium on honor and dignity are being treated.

Exactly what happened during the civil war. Instead of knowing when to throw in the towel, Ojukwu went to Addis Ababa and was talking tough.

Shortly afterwards, he took to his heels. And we surrendered unconditionally. Tu fia!

By Chudi Okudo

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