Igbo youth activism for Biafra Referendum and Ohaneze activism to restructure the country are wild goose chases. Neither will yield any results because no ethnicities or majority will support us; as they are either scared of us or the present construct is beneficial to them, comparatively. And we alone cannot force through a Referendum or a Restructuring.

The only solution to our problem is ethnicism—or tribalism in common parlance. It may sound harsh to us, but does it sound harsh to our fellow majorities who embraced it by consensus back in 1950? 70 years ago!

The day we revert to Igbo irridentism, which Nnanyi Zik taught us, will be the day our national healing will start. It is far better to play catchup than to keep doing the same thing until one is eventually relegated to a nonentity.

We became disconnected Nigeria patriots since the advent of Premier M. I. Okpara. And aside from the Second Republic, when Zik’s leadership returned to refocused us to our land, we have been servile Nigerian patriots to the benefits of the Yorubas and the HausaFulanis.

We Igbo don’t like ourselves and aren’t patriotic to our ethnicity and that is the reason why our compatriots have neither love nor respect for us. No one likes who doesn’t like himself. And nobody respects who doesn’t respect himself.

Onye kpo onwe ya mkpokolo e welu ya kpoo ntu. I debe onwe gi ogo, a kwanyelu gi ugwu. Onye nghangha akwa nwe nghangha okwu. A na-ebido na uno ama mma a pu ilo.

Charity begins at home, but Igbo charity begins abroad in Abuja, in Alaba, in Redeemed Christian Church, and in sisterhood with HausaFulani and Yoruba women.

Again, the day we turn around and become as ethnic as our fellow majorities will be the day we will begin to matter in this country. Until then, let’s keep complaining and crying shamelessly.

In this habitat called Nigeria, HausaFulanis and Yorubas are the apex canines, and the minorities are the little canines. But we Igbo have chosen to become goat antelopes (mgbada) rather than live up to agu, the big cat that’s our national character and totem.

So why wouldn’t we have a problem? We have chosen of our own freewill to become our compatriots’ menu in the wildlife that is Nigeria. We have chosen to be the herbivores that the carnivores hunt down.

In domestic metaphor, we Igbo have chosen to be the cocroaches that the chickens eat. HausaFulanis and Yorubas are the chickens and we are the roaches.

It became ‘to your tents oh, Israel’ sooner than the British left this country. But we Igbo refused, and still refuse, to accept that reality.

By being overly empathetic to Obafemi Awolowo the leader of the Yorubas, Premier M. I. Okpara invariably recommended Obafemi Awolowo (in place of Zik) to Igbo elite and youths of his own dispensation.

Premier Okpara’s successor, Governor Odumegwu Ojukwu, ran with that recommendation and sealed our fate. Governor Ojukwu made Obafemi Awolowo his political godfather in 1966.

On the one hand, before any serious consideration to secede the Eastern Region, Governor Ojukwu put Zik under house arrest and, on the other hand, he established a hotline between his government house bedroom in Enugu and Awolowo’s private bedroom at Ikenne in Yoruba land.

And what was the result of the Obafemi Awolowo heroism that Dr. M. I. Okpara sold to Ndi Igbo and to Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu?

The result of it was unmitigated catastrophe! Obafemi Awolowo stopped at nothing to annihilate us completely.

That Okpara/Ojukwu waywardness happened in the first six years of the 1960s. However, the harlotery continues till today; after all we’ve been through in the hands of Yorubas and HausaFulanis.

Ndibeanyi, let us return to building our Igboland and our Igbo human resources as Nnanyi Zik bequeathed us as from 1953 to 1959.

Ndibeanyi, ife gbaputalu silu si chuba ya. This Biafra activism has squandered the empathy we have earned over these postwar years from the minorities. And this Biafra activism sedates us to believe that in IPOB we are in good hands.

We are not! And if the IPOBs succeed in silencing our leaders, elders, and every other Igbo, can they alone defeat the HausaFulani-Yoruba coalition for us? Think about that as you support their witchhunting.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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