Eke Wednesday 06 January 2021:

To begin with, Oranaeze Ndi Igbo needs to overhaul itself. Oranaeze must be tailored to our own lore. It should not be tailored to the lockstep of the Afenifere or the Arewa. But that will be the subject of my next piece on Ohanaeze. For now, let us restrain ourselves to the informal manifesto of Dr. Chris Asoluka, who is one of the apex body’s presidential aspirant for the coming Sunday election.

According to Dr. Chris Asoluka, if he succeeds, he will 1)raise more awareness for the body, 2)pursue “gender and youth inclusion”, 3)link up with our Diaspora, and 4) support restructuring and Igbo federal presidency.

None of that was Greek to his would-be predecessors. However, Mr. Asoluka is already sounding repugnant and dangerous. The passivity of Oranaeze President-Generals (PGs) over the years castrated Igbo and helped the rise of criminal rabblerousing na ani Igbo.

The Igbo Revolution must caution the incoming administration against meekness; for there is ample signs of that attribute in Ambassador George Obiozor and Dr. Asoluka’s The Sun newspaper manifesto, for instance.

Meekness isn’t a survivalist virtue in the jungle, and Nigeria is a lawless jungle, where the meek is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Like it’s Yoruba and HausaFulani counterparts, Oranaeze is a child of a tussle for the federal government ethnic representations and benefits, and Ohanaeze have been losing out in that internecine tussle! Oranaeze needs to get back to the game by talking and acting tough.

Mr. Asoluka and rivals, listen up:

To build Oranaeze bridges to women or youths is not what Oranaeze should be doing now! What Igbo need now is an apex organization that will live up to its billings. Igbo do not need a Bible-quoting President-General either. We need a President-General, who is poised to tough it out with its HausaFulani and Yoruba rivals.

We do not need a whiner. We need a proactive leader. Mr. Asoluka cried in his Sun interview: “We need to be given a sense of belonging. I bow and plead “Biko, Ejo, Don Allah”! It will prove to the world that Nigeria belongs to all of us. It will heal the wounds of the Nigerian civil war.”

This Revolution screams, Shove that! and, To hell and back with that, Chris! We are not begging anybody for any sense of belonging. Nor are we begging anybody to heal any godamn wound. We are here to federate on equal terms, and we must politick to the dog-eat-dog our antagonists thrive in.

The next Oranaeze President-General must harness our apex body to be really at par with its Arewa and Afenifere counterparts, and to go toe-to-toe with President Muhammadu Buhari’s Igbo genocide agenda.

Chuma Oguagha
The Pastor of The Igbo Revolution

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