Nkwo, Thu. Mar. 19, 2020:

The duo with the exception of Enyinnaya Abaribe, who was undoubtedly the host, were the only high profile politicians surprisingly that attended the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu’s parents’s funeral that took place last month.

They did so not out of altruistic purpose or large heartedness or because they were driven by humane considerations, no, but simply to endear themselves to members of Ibilibi People of Biafra in anticipation of the next election year!

But what bad politicians they are. Of what use is it if they find their names in IPOB’s good book? The members of this proscribed group, do they have voter’s cards? Have they partaken in any election before? These are questions everybody knows the answers. Then why courting their friendship? Of what use is this proclivity?

Nevertheless, making evil to fester is a collective task we must all ensure it discontinues, for there is no iota of dividend in this type of morally bankrupt behaviour.

This is a typical case of one crying more than the bereaved. They went to commiserate with a fugitive who vowed that he would make our state Anambra ungovernable.

An outlaw who was threatening fire and brimstone, giving a graphic picture of how he was going to deal with Anambra people whom he designated as money-miss-road.

An Awful Horror who was throwing banters at Right honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the late Owele of Onicha, the first president of Igbo State Union, the first president of Igbo Federating Union, the first president of Nigerian Senate, the only indigenous Governor General of Nigeria and the first President, Head of State and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This nuisance, in total disregard to honour accorded the deceased in our clime, had the temerity to take a swipe at him. At one forum he called this our father a vulture and even threatened to exhume his skull!

Both politicians went to Afaraukwu to sob crocodile tears because Nnamdi Kanu the Anti-Christ, though on AWOL was committing his parents who aided and abetted him to mother earth.

They went to condole with a necromancer or should I say an iconoclast who is bent on profaning all what we hold sacrosant in Igbo land.

A mindless bandit who has wrecked havoc in the whole of Igbo land. He instigated those who went to Germany and beat up our reverred erstwhile Senate President, Dr. Ike Ekweremmadu; those who bombed the residence of the President general of Oraneze, Chief Nnia Nwodo; those who ruffled the elder statesman Professor Ben Nwabueze who is also a constitutional lawyer; those who went to Enugu and murdered prophet Nwoko in cold blood!

This culprit was the person the former governor of Anambra Mr. Peter Obi and the former senator representing Anambra Central, Chief Victor Ume, went to sympathize with. Wonders shall never cease!

Ekweremmadu should as well have attended that funeral. But how could he after that harrowing experience? So now I surmise that any politician that graced that inglorious event is very hollow and vain.

I know our amiable governor, Willy Obiano would not attend and the senator representing Anambra Central, Iyom Ekwunife would not make a spectacle of herself either. These are politicians that know their onions.

Our memory is not so short for we can still recollect vividly there was a time, this tyke called Kanu declared all the members of Obiano family a fair game. But God pass them. And as if that was not enough, he went to the palace of Eze Nri and gatecrashed! This man has no home training, no wonder he has no respect for anybody.

Now when his parents were alive, they did not deem it fit to admonish him. They were nudging him on, banking on the prospects of being parents of Biafran emperor when the time comes. Ndi obele uche.(

Ogonogo okwu adiro na uka mgbede, as the saying goes. The duo went to fraternize with the bereaved, a man who was villifying, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Zik of Africa and others, just because he wants to usurp the Igbo leadership by coming through the back door.

And for Peter Obi and Victor Ume to associate with such a morally bankrupt fellow, we the members of The Igbo Revolution have now ceased any form of association with Peter Obi and Victor Ume.

What they did speaks volumes. We are not far from the truth if we say, that the two Anambra politicians are naive, vain and self-serving.

So, as a result of the foregoing, the members of The Igbo Revolution have resolved not to waste our votes any longer in any subsequent elections.

Therefore it behoves us who are politically conscious to vet any candidate who would be vying for any elective position especially in Igbo land. In sum, the era of voting buffons into elective office is over!

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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