Afo Friday 28 May 2021:

Oranaeze or Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide continues to get it wrong. One wonders if Oranaeze will ever get it right. From its inception till today, no Oranaeze leadership has gotten its calling (or mission) to Ndi Igbo right. Chief Nnia Nwodo did not, despite his remarkable commitment and sacrifice. Prof. George Obiozor (from all indications) is not going to either. He already got off on the wrong foot and may do more damage genially.

The calling or mission of Oranaeze Ndi Igbo—as the postwar successor of prewar Igbo State Union—is to empower Ndi Igbo to galvanize ethnically wherever we are; whether we be in the hinterland, in the frontier, or in the Diaspora. That’s all.

Ohanaeze’s mission is as simple as that. But because its leaders aren’t any different from regular, conformist Igbo (who are more interested in repairing Nigeria than in repairing their banged up ethnicity) Ohanaeze officials became conflicted and unable to lead effectively to earn respect.

An internecine rivalry is on in Nigeria, whether Ndi Igbo like to admit it or deny it. Call whatever the hell is going on whatever the hell you want, it remains whatever the hell it is: Dog eat dog.

The three majorities of this country na akpia nku to eat down this country and build up their own regions. Igbo may be stubbornly deluded to its own doom that its fellow majorities are also building Nigeria up.

HausaFulanis and Yorubas are not building up any goddamn Nigeria. They reverted categorically to their nation-states in 1950. If either of them supported building up this Nigerian commonwealth, either would have at least canvassed for an alternate Port Harcourt Port or Calabar Port, and also for federal and foreign investments in Igboland and Niger Delta (our former eastern region).

Recently, Britain sent its Deputy High Commissioner to Igboland to pick Igbo brain, particularly the brain of our apex Igbo leadership, as represented by the Oranaeze Ndi Igbo.

At the Ohanaeze National Secretariat, GRA, Enugu. Professor Obiozor repeated to the British agent all what the British intelligence had established. Stuffs such as the causes of the agitations that are now threatening to destroy the entire former eastern region all over again.

Professor Obiozor extended his pleas to the envoy. But Professor Obiozor needs to be told that our pleading posture was at the root of our marginalization, and will not get us out of it. Power is not given willingly even for a season or a minute, and we all know that. Why then are our successive leaderships appealing to their Yoruba and HausaFulani rivals to bestow power in turn to us?

Enough of posturing as though we need restructuring, federalism, equity, and justice more than other Nigerians do. We do not. All we need is to reboot the primacy of our ethnic patriotism and regional diplomacy, like our rivals did as from 1950.

Oranaeze Ndi Igbo needs, firstly, to denounce in the strongest of terms the ethnic destruction Nnamdi Kanu and his fellow gold-digging puppeteers are masterminding against no other than their own embattled Igbo people.

Secondly, Oranaeze needs to get Igbo leaders and elite to defy Igbo resentment and embrace Igboness from Igboland to the dispersion. We need to network Igboness discursively.

We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Therefore, let us cultivate Igbo preservation and consciousness by lashing out only in the interests and self-preservations of Igbo and our eastern neighbors. Any measures in excess of that is doing too much too fast to wreck us afresh.

By Chuma Oguagha

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