Oye Monday 31 May 2021:

Professor Obiozor, as the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, you are not leading us at all. You are actually burying your head in the sand as your people dare their enemy compatriots, who have not only surrounded but also infiltrated them, and are now butchering, raping, looting, and cannibalizing them.

What do you hope to achieve by your invisibility or uninvolvement? How are we to read your aloofness? Well, it reads like you don’t care as our enemies goad our youths to give them just one reason to loot and burn Onitsha, Nnewi and Aba down to the ground again. For that’s where all this is headed.

You are around and you are the head of our apex national organization. At a troubling time like this, in which HausaFulani and Yoruba soldiers lead other soldiers to be stabbing, shooting, and raping Ndi Igbo at sight under one pretext or the other, you must be having sleepless nights; you must be up and about until normalcy is restored.

Instead, you are aloof! Instead you are no-show! Instead you are either taking cover or lying low for it to pass!

It cannot pass because your young ones know no better than to be sacrificing themselves like soldier ants under boots and flames that can only consume them in their thousands.

Professor Obiozor, it is your duty and job to harness Igbo elite and leaders to make sense of the insanity our own middle-aged golddiggers and misguided pundits have fostered on our youths.

You recently complained to the British agent at your secretariat “that in the past two months, the devil has visited the Southeast.”

What was the meaning of that? Did that statement indicate that you were capable or even ready to lead? No! The British agent must have smirked within himself. Where is that devil, show us? C’mon, call a spade a spade, man. Don’t compound our consternation with metaphors. Speak plainly, as the times call for bare-knuckle speech.

Professor Obiozor, you must with complete humility harness our Ndi Eze, governors, politicians, stakeholders, and elite to conference and confer across all spectrums of Igboland and ideas until we raise the groundswell to humble the Fulanis and our hotheads.

Our shameless fellow ethnic indigenes are prosecuting the Fulani ethnic cleansing of igbo agenda again. If we don’t do anything now, it shall very soon become too late.

And when it is too late, not only the throat of Igbo hoipoloi shall be slit, yours and those of your household shall join the statistics.

Professor George Obiozor, make hay now while the sun is still shining.

By Chuma Oguagha

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