Oye, Tue. Mar. 17, 2020:

There are uncountable number of them in Nigeria but the one that is trending now is Michael Olorunbi, 60, a British based Nigerian pastor.

He was jailed for 34 years on 24 count charge of rape, indecent assault and indecent sexual assault. His wife Juliana, 58 years old, was also jailed for 11 years on 3 count charge of aiding and abetting.

The trial judge, Sarah Buckingham, described the Nigerian who was arrested last January at Birmingham Airport as arrogant, selfish and vain.

During the trial, all the victims that came to testify, described the pastor as being very ‘convincing’. For he usually lure them to a rite called spiritual bath that is done to cleanse the victims of all evils!

And in the process, many of his young female victims got pregnant. But because he is a trained pharmacist, he usually took them to his clinic to abort the foetus.

He had everything to his advantage including what he imports from his town he used to cast a spell. Pastor from hell!

Chudi Okudo
The Teacher of The Igbo Revolution

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